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I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed Red River Crossing. I listen to it every day upon awakening. I get up, light a candle, put on your music, stretch and meditate. I also have Mockingbird Station and Blue Fields, but Red River Crossing is my absolute favorite. I have not found a CD that I enjoy more, that will relax me and take me to places of deep thought. Thank you so much for your inspiration and your music. I have used your music to get me through some of the toughest times of my life, when I was dealing with a lot of fear. Now that I have learned to meditate and place my life in the hands of my higher power, while listening to your music, I don't experience that paralyzing fear. I am now a public speaker, speaking about overcoming fear. In my upcoming speeches I will tell my audience about you and perhaps even demonstrate sitting quietly while listening to calming music and meditating; and I will use your music. I will purchase a few more copies and even hope to sell some for you. I am most moved by Ingram Canyon, Coming Rain. My two other favorites are the first and last songs on the album; Red River Crossing and Summer Night, Port Isabel Light. I normally would not take the time to write like this, as I am so busy, but it was something I felt that I needed to do. Maybe you need to know what a tremendous impact your music has made on my life. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to meet you. Maybe sometime when you are traveling north on I-35 and passing through Waco, you will email me. I would love to treat you and your wife to lunch or dinner. With sincerest appreciation and many, many thanks for sharing your great talent! Carla Carla Waco
Teach school and heard one of your CDs in our elementary library-wonderful-can't wait to start ordering! Right up there with my John Tesch, Yanni, and Enya CDs that I enjoy so much!
Cassa Amarrillo
Marshall: Delighted I had the chance to say hello last Saturday in Fredericksburg.. Your music inspires.... relaxes .... soothes .... and, warms the body, mind, and spirit.... several years ago I listened to you perform at Collin Creek Mall in Plano.... I have purchased, and cherish all your CDs... I listen to them at home, at the office, and on my many journeys throughout the country ..... Thank you for sharing your passion and emotion, and allowing us all to enjoy and savor your musical gifts !! Bob McConaughy
Bob Mchonau Austin TX
I was introduced to your music while at the "Sami Show" in Belton, TX. I heard it as we came in and wondered what it was, I just thought it was overhead music and thought, "what a beautiful sound." Eventually we made it around to the table where your son was playing the "bluefields" CD. I was immediately taken with the music. What a beautiful way of expressing peace and harmony! I'm a single mother of two girls that have fallen in love with the CD also. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to hear such music from the heart. I live on a limited budget but took advantage of your deal and purchased 3 CDs to include the Christmas one. Again, thank you so much, listening to your music has blessed my day. Wendy Copperas Cove
I was visiting Fredericksburg.., TX a few weekends ago with my mom and sisters (girls weekend away) and heard your music in one of the stores there. Lucky for me your lovely wife happened to be in the front selling CDs -- she was so, so friendly. I bought Red River Crossing, Jericho and your Christmas CD. I know you hear it all the time, but I have never fallen in love with music like your CDs When I am in a funk of a mood, it pulls me right out. I listen to them all day long. My favorite is Tyler Rose... I hum it in my sleep!!! Thank you Marshall Styler for your music from a lucky fan in Slidell, Louisiana. Sarah Henry Slidell LA
Hi Buddy, Just want to thank you for the CD. It is really great. We had a wonderful time at the concert at Finger Lakes. Wish you were still here. Miss you guys a lot. The Tavern is still going strong and we still have your CD on the juke box. Can't even thank you enough for all the fun and laughs we had together. Love ya brother, Al and Lu Ann
AL Hirsch Rochester NY
"I consider myself an impressionist, in the spirit of the French impressionist painters - Degas, Monet and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and have a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music." -Marshall Styler I would say you have achieved this. I hope to learn one day that you will be performing near Tampa so I may hear in person the music that moves me so deeply in my solitary moments. Perfection. Truly elegant and deeply touching. There is a state of quiet transcendence that seems to flow from your music stimulating an openness of the heart and soul. Thank you again :-)
Marla Tampa FL
Marshall, Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your music is to me . I have cable soundscapes on twenty four hours a day in my home. Every time I hear something very special I click to see who created it. Now it seems more often than not it is you. I also have been blessed by God with a gift that pours out of my fingers, only mine is painting for the eyes. Yours is painting for the ears. When people ask me how I am able to create so many images out of my mind ,I always explain that it is like composing music. That when I start to apply color to fabric , something very small appears on the canvas and suddenly I see a greater picture start to appear before my eyes. Like the first notes of a melody wanting to be set free so that it can become whole. Today I will be ordering all of your albums .I am excited to see where they take me while I paint. Keep up the wonderful inspiration. Visit my web site Masters-light , you'll see we are both driven by the same force. Dale Terbush Scottsdale AZ
I just love your music and listen to it constantly. Would you please inform me when you have new CDs Keep it coming.
Mary Daigrepo Hessmer LA
I think "poetry without words" is quite appropriate for this beautiful music. It is indeed the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Thank you. I will be purchasing your CDs -Sandy Sandy Buhi Disputante VA
Marshall, Some people do not seem to be tuned to the frequency of beautiful music - it passes them by like a gentle breeze on its way to a more appreciative recipient. I believe I hear the handiwork of God in your music just as I see it in the flowers, the mountains and the trees. As an artist you write music from the things you feel and experience. Such is a gift from God that enables the rest of us to feel and experience things we might otherwise have missed. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Bob McClain Bob McClain Early TX
A simple, heart-felt thank you for making life so beautiful with music.
David Moore Mineral Wells TX
While visiting my brother in Texas last Christmas, he took me shopping in Fredericksburg.., TX. As I passed by one of the stores I heard the most beautiful music playing. I tried to pass by the store without stopping because I didn't want to spend any more money that day, especially on something that I might be disappointed in once I got it home. But I spoke with your wife (a very sweet and beautiful lady) who was present that day in Fredericksburg.. and I decided to buy your Red River Crossing CD. Well I have to say that it is the most beautiful sound I think I have ever heard. As it turned out, I was sorry I didn't buy all 3 CDs that day. Your music is absolutely beautiful. Sandy Youngstown OH
I am so thankful that my daughter talked me into going to Fredericksburg, TX this past weekend. I would not have had the opportunity to meet you, a truly wonderful artist, and to hear your beautiful music. When I close my eyes, my emotions transcend in so many magnificent spiritual directions. Your music is poetry! I do hope you will be performing in Austin soon. God Bless. K Kaheny • Austin, Texas Kathleen Kahe Austin
Your music is an inspiration since I first heard it during Oktoberfest. I cannot listen to it enough. Please continue to work on more. Emilie Ellis Fort Worth
I've been wanting to share something with you for over a year now. i purchased your trilogy last holiday season on main st. in fredericksburg. my grandson was 4 weeks old when i turned him on to your music. when he was fussy, i put on mockingbird station. to this day, he takes his naps with you and goes to bed with you. he moved away, so i gave his mother the mockingbird station to take with them. i am torn between red river crossing and mockingbird station. i gave your CDs as gifts and will give more this year. i see you have new CDs i think i know where i can get them here in fredericksburg. for your passion and your way of grounding me, i thank you. best wishes and happy holidays. valerie j. phillips fredericksburg, Texas Val Phillips Fredericksburg TX
I have 3 of your CDs and love them. When I listen to them, I feel a wonderful positive high. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with others. I do not have Jericho but will purchase it soon. Do you play in any of the clubs in Austin? If so, where? My son lives in Austin and I visit often and would love to hear your music live. Susan Carrollton TX
I heard you playing at Highland Mall 2 years ago...and haven't been able to forget how beautiful the music was. I waited for Christmas last year and was so disappointed that you weren't there. Am so happy to have found you again. Thanks and keep up the good work. JoAnn Hicks Austin TX
I have thee of your CDs and will be ordering more today. Really like your website. Will need these CDs for Xmas gifts. Excellent music! Thanks.
Betty Bradsha Malakoff TX
I think a musician hears music differently. We not only hear it, we feel it. We know when someone's just being mechanical. When I first heard a little of your Christmas album, I knew you were the real deal. May your connection grow and express. Thank you. DR. Albert Sc New Braunfels
I went to the First Monday in Canton in May of 2002 and heard your music for the first time at the booth you had set up there. I bought the 3CD set there and am now sharing it with new friends in Alaska. I love the relaxed, dream-like quality and will be ordering more! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations so that we can all enjoy it! Jenny Fairbanks AL
I recently just returned from a trip to the south witch I do twice a year and drove to Salem, Mo from San Antonia to my granddaughter's,s house and she had your CDs playing. Well for five days that's all I wanted to hear, so when I got back to Seattle, I looked up your web site, and I thought I was ordering one copy of your trilogy set but as it turned out today I got three set's of the CDs Well besides the cost I thought oh what the hell, I had already told my daughter of your music plus a friend and decided to give them both a set of your CDs Well tonight because of early Xmas gift exchange, I gave them to my friend, while it was playing in the background, and she was thrilled that I had ordered her one two. Soooooo I thank you for being so prompt on the mailing and I am sure it will make me, my family and my friend so very happy. Thank you, I love what you do. Shirley Boond Seattle WA
The emotions you bring froth with your music are quite frankly very relaxing and positive. We both slept very well tonight listening to your work. Gary and Corinne Ruley Bowling Green, KY Gary and Cori Bowling Green KY
Marshall, I believe you were on WCMF with Brother Wease a while back, and I thought I heard a short discussion of you playing t-shirt league ball for Buckman\'s Dairy - probably in \'57 and/or \'58. I played on those teams with Ken and Jim Harrington, Mike Cole, Craig Happ,etc. Curious...I found 2 old team pictures, and I believe you\'re there. Yea, I remember the free ice cream cones! My dad was one of the coaches, and I usually played shortstop. A few years later, I played bass in a band called the Vacant Lot for a few years, gigging around Roch. and Buffalo. Was surprised to hear it was you in Duke Jupiter...somehow, I should have known that. Do have the \"White Knuckle Ride\" album, and always appreciated your vocals - unique! Thought I\'d write to say hi and wish you good luck with your current endeavors. Drop me a line if you get a chance. Jim LeDuc Jim Leduc Rochester ny
Marshall & Kate, We were in Fredericksburg.. in December and purchased the Jericho and Christmas C.D.'S and as always, we were not disappointed. My husband and I are massage therapists and your CDs are all we use and our clients enjoy them as much as we do. We didn't get to meet you, Marshall, you had gone Christmas shopping, but we did get to meet and talk with Kate for quite a while. Kate, I see what an inspiration you are. You are definitely a "people person". You visited with us like we were old friends. I see why you and Marshall have such a great influence through this wonderful music, and Marshall, thank God for coincidence. Stay well and happy and keep making music!
Maggie Reinha Lake Jackson TX
I am a Kindergarten teacher and use your CDs daily in the classroom as background music. It calms the students and creates a relaxing environment to work in. We call it our "thinking music!" I also unwind with it in the evenings as I read. I am anxiously waiting for another CD to add to my collection. I check out your booth at Canton every fall.:) Brenda Good Bryan TX
I met you and your son while visiting in Texas last summer. I couldn't resist your beautiful music. I bought the trilogy for myself and another for my son and family. I also bought the Christmas CD for my very good friends. My grandchildren go to sleep to your extraordinarily lovely compositions. How gifted you are and blessed we are to have found your talent. I look forward to purchasing more of your work. Keep up the good work! Please :)
Leselie Reeves Payson AZ
While in Fredericksburg in early Dec. 2002, heard your music walking by one of the many stores. Stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us and giving us some background on your journey in life. Bought one CD then, "Jericho", next day your daughter sold us "Red River Crossing". Have spent many hours listening to your music. Really relaxing, especially at work. Thank you for sharing your gift and talents. Do you ever come to Houston, TX? Would like to meet you again if so. Gary Madson Houston TX
Hello from an admirer of your wonderful not so far out music. By that I mean, Marshall's music has been in my pack of CDs when I go to do Corporate on-site Massage. Thanks to your wife I have received CDs for San Antonio Massage Company where I work and the people there love it. Your music gets me away (and my clients also) from the stress of everyday life, but yet keeps me grounded on the reality of life. Many composers of music add to much far out sounds that I become disconnected to the here and now. Lets face it, we are here,and it's now. Marshall, I know you've faced your reality along with your wonderful wife who is at your side always, and succeeded to break down the walls of Jericho. Way to go brother!You are real in your music and I feel your heart in it. I am a musician and love to only write what I experience. I'm just being real, and from the heart. I bought your CD Recently at The Wild-seed Farm. I've gotten to know John and his wife from the start of their beautiful place. I was happy to find your CD there. That was a quick sale. Again thanks for your hard work and drive to bring calmness to the storms of reality. The Art of The Heart Music, Art Arther Martine San Antonio TX
I first learned of Marshall when we were in Fredericksburg in March 1999. He was playing outside and we waled by but I had to go back and buy the CD, Red River Crossing. I have worn it out. It is amazing! Look forward to getting the new CD. GO TECH! Gary Reed Lubbock TX
Your music is so wonderful ! Keep making CDs and we will keep buying them. We love you and missed you on our visit Saturday Jan.25th .Hope to see you again on our next visit next month. Kathy Warren San Antonio TX
What a wonderful releasing of your soul and me to receive the breaking free of my spirit when I listen to your music...It is calming, soothing and very therapeutic and takes your worries away!!!!!!! I have purchased at least 5 copies for friends and would love to see if I could buy maybe 20-30 copies of Bluefields for gifts and Christmas next year????Let me know...Thank you for such a wonderful feeling!!!! Lynn Caley Denton TX
I purchased (Jericho) my 1st CD last month in Canton TX and I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I play it over & over, I never get tired of hearing it. So, today a month later I am purchasing 3 other CDs (Trilogy). We are having a Couple's Banquet on Valentines and resiting our wedding vowels and we will be playing his CDs during the candle light dinner and the ceremony. Thank you for making such beautiful music for the world to listen to. Sharon Arlington TX
I LOVE your music. I was at The Country Pedder Show and I heard your music and i think it is wonderful. I'm a teacher and I play the Red River Crossing CD in my classroom and they love it. It's every relaxing. KEEP THE GOOD WORK. MAY GOD BLESS YOU. -Maida-
Maida Corpus TX
My first visit to Canton, Texas, and I'm casually walking along taking in all of the vendor's stations, and, all of a sudden, I am overcome with the most beautiful music I've ever heard. It is difficult to describe the feeling that came over me at that particular moment, but I know it was one of sheer delight, joy, and a sense of peacefulness. The CD that caught me by surprise was "Mockingbird Station" and I listen to it every day. It finalizes the ending of my prayers each night. I thought I was a fan of Yanni's until I heard this beautiful music. There's no comparison. Thank you for such a beautiful gift!
Hassie K. Rayville LA
You are fantastic, I'm a great fan from Rochester. Thank you for your great work. I have been listening for 20 years never knew you had a web site. Hope everything is working out for you. PLEASE REUNITE FOR ROCHESTER. Dan Bryant Rochester NY
Hi Kate, I enjoyed talking to you today. I am looking forward to the CDs and maybe meeting you someday. Jeannie :-)
jeneanne Deptford NJ
Sunday, Feb. 23, 2003 At this moment I am listening to \"Red River Crossing\" which I purchased from you personally at the Wildseed Farm several years ago. I visit each year with a group of seniors and we will be there again Saturday, April 12th in the early afternoon. You and your music are featured in my slide show each year to promote my \"Texas Hill Country Tour\". Hope to see you the 12th! If you\'re there I will introduce myself and purchase \"Silent Night\". Judy Laumann, Total Travel & Tours, (Owner, Tour Designer & Director) Judy Lauman Colorado Springs
My introduction to your music came by way of Fredericksburg, TX. We were visiting friends in San Antonio and made a day trip to Fredericksburg. Walking down the street I heard your music and just had to have it. It literally stopped me in my tracks! It has such a peaceful, stillness quality, but that just makes it more powerful to me. (Like, "Be still and know that I am God.") My mother-in-LOVE is living with us - she is 86+ years old and recovering from some health problems. She loves your music and I know it brings her into God's presence spiritually when she listens to it. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents with us. Dianne Rose Nashville
Love your music and hope to one day soon also move to the Hill Country of Texas I miss the bluebonnets!
Sandra Gilbert AZ
.......How beautiful, relaxing, and inspirational........I am a licensed Massage Therapist and I have been playing your CD " Jericho"during my clients love it!!! I will now be adding your other works to my collection. As a 6th generation Texan, Welcome to The Great State of Texas! Pam Pam Lakeway TX
We just returned from a weekend trip to Fredericksburg.. where my husband and I purchased your trilogy. The music is absolutely wonderful and we are thoroughly enjoying the uplifting and inspiring music. Will look forward to more of your beautiful music. Janet Jackson Fort Worth TX
I have your entire collection and looking forward to many more CDs. Your music is beautiful, relaxing, and a great background for meditation. Please let us know when and where you will be performing live. Thank you for the wonderful sounds. Rudy:-) Rudy Wessels San Antonio TX
Thank you so much for visiting with me in Fredericksburg last Thursday. As someone who has played the piano and keyboards for many years, I can appreciate the amount of time, effort and inspiration that goes into each piece you write. You have created a truly unique sound and I am grateful to you for sharing with me a little about how you create your music. Glad to hear you are working on yet another new album. Would love to visit your recording studio someday.
Don Marby Lakeway TX
It was a pleasure to see you again at Wildseed Farms where I first heard you play a few years ago. Your music evokes visions of Hill Country vistas and much of the other Texas so appreciated by those of us not born here. I had to give you mention in my newspaper column this week.
TL Miller Round Rock
Hi Marshall. I just found your website . I can't wait to hear some of your music. I'm very glad you are doing well. You'd be surprised to here what I'm doing these days . I'd love to come down and catch a show. I have missed all of you so much. I miss the days of setting up and doing the sound for Duke. Love Ya Brother, Billy Compson Billy Compsan Genevan NY
My Husband and I were enjoying a second Honeymoon in Fredericksburg,on March 21st 2003 We were there for a week, We kept walking buy the Shop that Sells your CDs and my husband would stand there enjoying the music for 30 min or more so we went in met you and your wife and bought the Red River Crossing CD Our Favorite song is "Heart of the Hills" Well we Loved that CD so much we came home with all of your CDs He is in his early 40's and I am in my early 30's Both of us Love to relax to your Music at home and on our trips Thank You for the Lovely Music We hope you keep making it Sincerely, Diana & Robert Ward Diana Ward Arlington TX
While my mother and i were on a trip to fredericksburg April 18 we visited the wildseed farm where you were performing. I couldn't walk away from your music. I especially loved the "waltz in the rain" from mockingbird station. I bought the cassette for my car, but i will be purchasing some CDs soon. I play this tape over and over and i will be having it in the background while i work. It is very relaxing and just makes you feel good. You have so much wonderful talent for all the world to hear, i don't know why i haven't heard this great sound before. Best wishes for the future. Judy Henry Cleveland TX
I heard and met you and your wife in Wimberly around the 1993-1995 time frame when I was wandering in and out of shops. I was mesmerized by the sounds you were producing. Having at that time just gone through a divorce and moving to a new job and new area of Texas, the calmness that your music brought to my heart was just "what the doctor ordered". Now after collecting all your CDs, I have incorporated that "stillness" that your music brings to my heart while I type away on those 14-17 hour days (as I am a medical transcriptionist)with your music in the background and never tire of it. I send my heartfelt thanks for your work of love and wish you and yours good health and many more years of writing and performing --thanks to you and your wife for having entered my life at the "right time". Nancy Dent Georgetown TX
Hi there... and ALOHA from Maui, Hawaii. I first heard your music on the Venus Rising Screensaver where it plays "Summer Night, Port Isabel Light" in the background! I love soft piano music and am a fan of those who plays the piano. I just purchased the Trilogy and I can't wait to hear them. :) Ann Villa Maui HI
Kate, I continue to pray for you to experience God's unmerited favor and healing in your spirit and body. Marshall, your music continues to bring moments of peace in this hectic world. God has gifted you with an ability to bring peace thru the "audio impressionism" that you extend from your heart, to ours. Thanks for being a grace-giver as you share from the overflow of your heart. James Murray, Coordinator of Worship Bear Creek Bible Church Keller, TX James Murry Keller TX
Like many others, I was drawn to your music while wandering the main street in Fredericksburg. I immediately purchased Red River Crossing and have never tired of listening to the beautiful melodies on that CD. Being a pianist of many years, I can truly appreciate the artistry that you create in your compositions. Thank you for touching so many lives with your gift. I look forward to owning more of your albums soon. Nancy Russel Dublin TX
Yanni; John your hearts out! Marshall Styler has left you in his "atmospheric dust"!!! And I love it! The words "superficial" versus "sincerity" immediately come to mind. Keep it up Mr. have a new fan for life! David Stephe New Braunfels
I was captivated by your music when I was in Fredericksburg a few weekends ago. I bought your 3 pack CDs They are simply beautiful. I play them at our MAPSCO Corporate retail store in Addison, TX a couple days each week. People are always asking who's playing on the CD. I tell them about your web site and they can order these. When I read about what you said about your wife inspiring you, it really touched me and makes the music even more special. What an honor and an incredible compliment for your wife. I'm sure she feels you inspire her as well. You are two very lucky people to have that kind of relationship. I hope someday, some man will say the same about me. Have you published any of your music in written form? I'd love to purchase any books or sheet music that may be available. I've played for many years and it is so relaxing. Thank you for sharing your inspirational music. Dorothy Moorman Dorthy Moore Aubrey TX
I can't think of any nicer things to say, that has not already been said here. It seems that we just missed you in Fredericksburg, but then maybe not, we have your music. You see, a friend of my wife and I, talked us into going to Fredericksburg on a day thingy and while on Main Street at one of the little shops, she squeals "I found It". You found what, Diane? "This is the guy I was telling you about, but could never find it at Wal*Mart or anywhere". I never saw such to-do over some Country & Western music before. Okay, there is another type of music. My friend, this is where it's at. Your real. Like the guy said earlier, "you can tell when it's mechanical and when it's real. I wonder if you shed a tear when playing your music, I do? Thank you. Ronald Brady TX
Met your son at the Austin Convention Ctr Home Show and purchased some CDs! The music is wonderfully calm. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Ann Austin
My friend Sylvia Chapa and I purchased your CDs at The Country Peddler this past weekend at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. We were both drawn to a sound of peace. Returning to Houston I was notified that my father was taken ill. Waiting in the ER can feel like eternity. I am the sole care giver of my parents that mean the world to me. My mother's health is poor, not knowing the outcome of my father she became restless. Unable to rest, I thought of your music, so I put one of the CDs in my player and put the earphones on her head within 20 minutes she was calm and fell asleep. My dad is going to recover. I just wanted to thank you for your God given gift. After going without sleep for two days I listened to the music. The only words that can define this music is Heaven, Peace and Tranquility. So please continue to create your music for everyone to share. Karen Vetrano Austin
My husband and I enjoy and look forward to each time we listen to your beautiful music. We would love to see a live performance. Please put us on a list to hear about any new CDs and/or performances. We talked to you once in Fredericksburg, Marshall, and hope to in the future. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift (your music to us).
Carol and Bill Austin
I heard your music for the first time in a Mesa hospital, of all places! I was sitting with my Mother while she recovered from heart surgery, and it was the day before Christmas. It was about 5:a.m. and I heard this heavenly music coming from the nurses station ... thought we'd both been whisked to heaven! I followed the sound, totally entranced, and asked the male nurse where he'd gotten the music. He brought his own sound system to work and blessed the whole ward with your Christmas music that day. Of course he sang your praises, I got the information from him, and ... here I am, ordering everything I can. Thank you for sharing your talent. Phylis Beamer Des Moines IA
Just a note to let you know that my daughter, who lives outside of Houston, purchased the above CD for me, autographed by Marshall. I enjoy Gospel music, which tends to be loud, Josh Groban, theatrical, classical, Country-Western and then I am ready for restful, inspirational and reflective which is what I get with your CD. (I did live in Texas for 17 years, from Rosenberg to Johnson City.) Thank you. Jeneane Hosa Mass
What's so special about your music, outside of the wonderful phrasing, is that without words I can turn the music into anything I want to. I can play the same tape a few days apart and on the first day the song will remind me of a certain time in my life, and the next time the same track will take me somewhere else in this world. I am a simple kind of guy, but I thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift with which I can enjoy life.
Bill Austin
I was recently in Texas and stopped in Fredericksburg on a Saturday afternoon. While looking and shopping I heard this lovely sound and found Marshall Styler with his CDs. My friend and I spoke to him and we both purchased CDs. I thought the music was wonderful in the store, but when I got home and it was quiet and peaceful I played the Red River Crossing which I find so special. I can't put into words the feeling I had, it does indeed reach the soul. I love music of all kinds but this is so special. Thank you Mr. Styler.
Janet Nebraska
Last weekend my husband and I were in Fredericksburg, TX and heard one of Marchall's CDs. I fell in love with it and had to have it. I have listened to it over and over. It speaks to me. I am anxious to get more of his CDs. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us who love to listen.
Gloria Wacasy AUstin
Hello!!! Oh my goodness, your music is THE BEST!!!Don't take tranquilizers, listen to Marshall Styler music!!! My Aunt Beth (Nefoske) spoke to you on the phone and ordered some CDs from you. I already had Red River Crossing, and she and my Mom bought me Jericho for my birthday. Love them both!!!! My very favorite song of all of them is The Ballad of Brenham Road—what a BEAUTIFUL song!!! Thank you for all the relaxing hours of enjoyment I have had listening to your music. Barb Rossi Austin
Though I have yet to make your acquaintances, I felt it appropriate to write and endorse your work. At the ripe old age of 28, I literally can't say how many disappointing purchases I've made over the years looking for music to move me, to inspire me, to help me remember who I am... to smooth over a rough day or lend emphasis to a special event, evening or project.

Marshall's music (Jericho & Blue Field's) was a gift of sorts, and for some time the pieces lay in my car, unopened in the rush of my life. One night, driving home late from work, I decided to open and listen to the CDs.

Within seconds, the most profound feeling of connection, beauty, clarity and truth swept through me, pebbling my skin and bringing huge warm tears to my eyes. My only thought was, "finally", accompanied by a huge breath that seemed to expel all the stress and fatigue from my mind. My only disappointment at that moment was that I had deprived myself of this rapture in letting the CDs stay unopened for so long! I drove slowly on my way home just so I could enjoy the melodious experience.

To anyone reading this - if you are contemplating a music purchase, please do not pass over Marshall & Kate's work. They are truly gifted, and your life will be enriched with each track that plays. I cannot - and I mean this whole heartedly - CANNOT recommend Marshall's music highly enough. If love and human compassion had a sound, this would be it.

This music is appropriate for every special event in life, weddings, remembrances, holidays and celebrations of every sort, it's appropriate for professional settings as well as meditative and personal uses€”we even use it to put the baby (my niece) to sleep at night.

Marshall & Kate, thank you so much for this wonderful contribution, Texas is lucky to have you both! Bravo....bravo...
Mellisa Dearlin Sisterdale TX
My husband and I purchased the trilogy about 2 years ago. We absolutely fell in love with the beautiful and inspirational music that we heard. We listen to it quite often, especially when we want to relax, unwind, and reflect. We were in Fredericksburg recently, and purchase the new Jericho CDs€”just a breathtaking as the trilogy. Best of all, we actually ran into Marshall personally at one of the downtown stores. We were truly honored. We would love to attend a live performance€”keep us posted, and keep putting out this beautiful work! God Bless Walt Newell Austin
Hi, I just got given a couple of your CDs by a guy over here in the UK., a sort of thanks for a job I did,.. this makes the hassle all worthwhile! Your website is definitely getting a prominent link off mine at "" and I shall also be using it as intermission fills when I go out with the PA to do all kinds of gigs! Utterly beautiful, expect a few orders from across the pond and if you ever get over here, it would be a honor to meet you!
Pete England
Marshall, My dear mother owns and listens to all of your CDs. She recently wrote you a letter and sent you one of my CDs for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy it. "I Worship You" is the title. She really has gone through some stuff throughout her life. She is now almost 74 yrs. old. She truly appreciates the artistic gift that you and I possess. It would thrill her soul if you would give her a call some evening. Thank you for putting together such breathtakingly beautiful music. Much future success to you and your beloved wife. With kind regards, Gary L. Helms Gary Helms Austin TX
Yo, Marsh! Imagine the surprise when I heard your dulcet tones on the tiny phone device! It's been a decade or so by now, I'll wager. I was just telling my wife I think it's ten years now since I was lucky enough to have you kin, Miles, as a roommate. How the hell have the years been for you? Your message - especially the bit about the swimming pool - implied more than a modicum of content coming from your end of the line! I'm going to call you as well, but now it's probably past the bedtime of all the 'new-age' people I know Peter Doell Santa Monica CA
Hello Mr. Marshall, I bought The Red River Trilogy in Stonewall during the Lavendar Festival at the Becker's Vineyard. Your music is so beautiful. I was walking by one of the venders that was playing your stopped me on my tracks. I play beautiful music like yours for my clients. They love it! ... Your music reminds me of the beauty of what we're all about. To express the love we all share and to stay connected to the loved ones that are no longer with us in body but still with us in the energy of the spirit. Your music tells me that you must know that everyone of us is craving a connection to something bigger and maybe if we practice being the one who sees behind the veil, we can reach out our hand in love. Thank you for reaching out to me. In love, Merilu Merilu Texas
Hi Marshall I just love your music. I have two young boys that sometimes get me out of sorts and I play your music to settle me down and get me back in a pleasant mood. I also listen to your music when I'm rebuilding my fishing reels it helps me concentrate on what I'm doing and gives a pleasant feelings. I have lost many friends and family over the years. Your music has a dream like or feel of floating on air or in the clouds feeling. This feeling gives me a chance to reflect on their lives and how much I miss each of them. You are a very talented person please keep up the fine Music and God Bless. Happy Fathers day to you. You have a nice family to take of. Brian and Nancy Walter and the Boys Jacob and Mason. Brian Walter
In all our many years of being exposed to many forms of beautiful music by many artists, NO sounds have impacted either of us in a way that your music has. The more we listen, the more we appreciate the artistry and the emotion-evoking melodies that no other Composer we know of has so consistently achieved. Such peacefulness, contentment, and that "Texas-feeling" so many of your fans speak of, we truly understand by our own experience with your sounds. We can't adequately express our appreciation enough in words, but are planning a trip to Fredericksburg in July and plan to again purchase a number of your CDs as gifts to friends and family members. Will be checking your schedule in hopes that we can again see you in person. Thank you, Marshall and Kate, for your gifts to us all, your great partnership and your music! The Mayfields - Baytown, TX
Dale Mayfield Baytown TX
Hello! I am typing from just outside of Austin. I met Mr. Styler in Fredericksburg a month or so ago during the purchase of his 3 CDs. As I drove back home I popped them in the player in my truck and listened all the way home and couldn't get enough!! I called you and left a message giving you thumbs up. Your music is really incredible. This is the music that I love to listen to. It is soothing, calming to shot nerves which I seem to have too often being a stressed out single mom. I felt like it was "safe" to listen to it. So much is just trash basically. I do have mostly praise worship and contemporary Christian music. I don't want my son exposed to the garbage that is out there either, kids are so easily influenced. What we hang around, we become. Long story short, I WANT THE NEXT CD!! HURRY UP AND CREATE A NEW ONE!!!!!!! Your now devoted fan!! Ronna Davis Ronna Davis Austin
Marshall, I have been a serious fan of your music since I found your (Duke Jupiter) Taste The Night album in the late 70s. I had the privilege of seeing you on tour when you played the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, CO promoting your 4th album, Duke Jupiter 1. I was in line 7 hours early so I could be the first one in the hall! Then, I was able to hear you play at the Samarai in Oklahoma City. We had a couple drinks together. I'm afraid I didn't make a very good impression. I was so thrilled to finally meet you. I'm glad you stayed in music and now that I'm back in town I am going to make a serious effort to get your new CDs. Randy Weckh Rochester NY
Marshall and Kate, Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed your CD Mockingbird Station. I got it through a friend of mine at church, where I am a preschool teacher for 2-3 year olds. I want you to know there are several kinds of music we have played at nap time and none of them have the soothing effect as this CD does. Now I am finding out you have many CDs and this is wonderful. May God continue to bless you and Kate and stay prospering in good health, even as your soul prospers. Sharon
I, too, play your CDs during nap time (for my home daycare) and during other times as well. I've been known to quite often let the music play all day! I went to the Vice-Principal's office at a local Middle School and the secretary was playing your music. I recognized it and she said many of the kids that go to the office are upset and she noticed how your music significantly calmed them. What a touching story and I wanted to share it with you. Looking forward to your new CD!
A Fan AUstin
Scott Tarkowski called me and told me about your website...'cause he heard or saw or found one of your CD's.....always loved the instrumentals way back when....and i guess i have one of the few bootleg unrecorded preludes to these fabulous works of artistry.....great to find you ....hope you and yours are well much love and happiness roxanne Roxanne
Marshall and Kate, My parents and I attended your concert last Friday. That was the best concert we have ever attended! We absolutely loved the music, the scenery/atmosphere and the pictures (it was so relaxing and beautiful)! We talked about it all the way home (1 1/2 hours)! Thank you so much! We hope this can be an annual thing! Kate, our prayers are with you and your family. God Bless, Suzanne Suzane Austin
I Live very close to Canton First Monday Trades day, and that is where I first heard about you and your music. It is truly a very soothing music to listen to while strolling down the aisles of the pavilion where your music is playing, Tho! I have never gotten the opportunity to meet you personally,your music has truly been a blessing to me! I own 3 of your CDs and will be purchasing more I bought your CDs back when my youngest son took his own life he was 26 at the time. I was so tensed, and stressed that I could hardly function and then I heard your music. I play your CDs and they truly bring me peace. Words cannot begin to tell you how much appreciate your talents, and God has truly used them to help others! God Bless and continue your beautiful music, for you have no idea how much they help others! Nelda Berry
Dear Mr. Styler, We spend a good deal of time on the beautiful Oregon Coast and earlier this year we had a friend visiting us there who brought your "Jericho" for us to enjoy while we sat and watched the magnificent sunset over the ocean. My friend always finds a thoughtful hostess gift during her visits, and this time I asked her if she would please just leave your music because we had enjoyed it so much. Yesterday, we received The Red River Trilogy and The Twilight Concertos and are already enjoying and looking forward to many more relaxing hours listening to your beautiful music. It's interesting that your inspiration has come from the lands of Texas because it has been every bit as inspiring and uplifting in a totally different setting. Sincerely, Julie Sacchetti
Julie Sacchetti
Four years ago, on a sleety, freezing cold December day in Fredericksburg I was walking down the sidewalk with friends and I heard this awesome, incredible music. Your son had a table set up in a doorway and I bought the trilogy on CD and Red River Crossing on tape. I literally ran that tape until it wore out before I played the CDs-it was all I listened to. Although Red River Crossing will always be my favorite, Twilight Concertos is going to be a close runner-up. I recognize elements of the trilogy in it but with a maturity and richness- which sounds totally crazy but is the only way I can describe the music. I particularly like Wedding in the Woods and the Adagio. I thought Jericho was as good as it gets but your music just keeps getting better. I peep at the display every time I go to Canton Trades Days to make sure a new one doesn't get by me. November 5, 2005 was a good day! Lynn Allen
My sister Susan Jane Rutkowsky worked at the GingerBread House in Galveston Texas where they featured Marshall's music. Nov 04 we brought her to Oregon due to her bone cancer and Nov 05 we lost her to cancer. She shared with me Marshall's music. I am a singer... words to music is my LIFE. My SOUL... My therapy when I need to cope... I pour out my heart and soul in song with words. My personal mantra regarding closeness is this: "A TRUE FRIEND KNOWS THE SONG OF YOUR SOUL AND CAN SING THE WORDS BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU FORGET THEM." In times of grief and sadness when you hurt so badly you cannot find words you just feel LOST.... With Marshall's music you will find you need no words... his music is grief... life and comfort. Just when you feel NO HOPE LEFT Marshall's music touches you through the sadness like the first kiss of your true love.... and you know you can live again and life goes on. JudyKay Church
I was in Fredericksburg Saturday, January 14th. As we walked into a store, which very well may have been "Remember Me, Too", I saw your tapes set up on a table by the front door. I told my husband look, it's Marshall Styler's music. We had just purchased our second CD at the Wildseed Farm. As I was leaving the store there was a man sitting behind the table this time. I asked my husband if he thought that could be him. I started to go back and ask but I didn't. Is it possible that you were there? Jeff and I bought our first CD at the Wildseed Farm and loved it! We couldn't wait to go back and by a second CD. I know without a doubt we will buy the third CD on our next trip back to Fredericksburg. Vicki
Kate: I heard your husband play for the first time in a coffee shop close to the river in downtown Austin years ago. I was visiting and stumbled onto the shop one morning. I bought Mockingbird Station that same morning. I have been hooked on this music every since. I came back to Seattle and played it for my wife. Needless to say she loved it. We listen to it on our boat when we go to Canada for vacation. It is wonderful music to relax to while boating, or working, or playing€”you get the message. We have turned all of our boating friends onto this music and they all love it. I went online to see if you had a website with any new music. Wow, was I surprised! I just ordered the new collection box of 6 CDs This will be part of my wife's Valentine's Day gift. She will be so excited and happy! Wishing both of you much success and happiness. Keep making the beautiful music and we will continue to share it in the Northwest. Terry Schock Seattle WA
It seems like a lifetime ago that I sat with my girlfriend (now my wife of 25 years) at the Great Laker Inn in Oswego, N.Y., watching Marshall and Duke Jupiter. I was a true fan then and have just rediscovered him. It's nice to find that as I've aged and grown, so has he. One thing that remains the same is that he can still move me to tears. So... as I sit by my keyboard with tears streaming down my face, I just wanted to pass on a long overdue thank you. We said hello many times in passing and that was about it, but somehow I feel like I've found an old lost friend. I hope life is treating you well... Harry Harry New York
I just want to thank you for creating such relaxing, soothing, calming music. When I listen to the music I enter another world called Heaven. There was a bit of friction at work recently and I brought in from home a CD player and put your music on where it could be heard. It's€™s amazing how well it worked. Your music changed attitudes literally. A couple weeks ago the CD came up missing and after confronting my husband (that was after I found the empty CD case in his car) I found out he loves to listen to your music also. I purchased Red River Crossing when the girls and I made our yearly trip to Canton in November 2005. I am looking forward to purchasing Jericho and the Twilight Concertos. Thanks again for sharing your God given talent with all of us. Joanne Kirk Austin
I picked up one of your CDs in Fredericksburg a week ago and now I find myself submitting an order for two more. I want to pass on how much I enjoy your music and wish you the best of success in the future. Your music is like waves of sound! All the best!
Jeffery Scott
I love Marshall's music! I bought several of his CDs in Canton, and I play them for my students when we write. In addition to teaching, I am a trainer for the New Jersey Writing Project in Texas We are having a conference in San Antonio April 27-30, and we would like to invite you to be a vendor. This conference involves teachers from all over the state, and I know they'd love Marshall's music as much as I do. (I'll find out how many teachers usually attend and get back to you€”it's HUGE!) Please let me know if you can make it, as well as any questions you have, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! Tara Wilcox Tara
We received the DVD and it is WONDERFUL!! Of course the music we knew would be great, but added with the beautiful scenery made it even more special. Thanks again for giving all of us a special piece of your work. Marshall your music is to die for!! Sarah and Sonny Andress Lizella, Georgia Sarah
I went with a friend to Fredericksburg, Texas a few years ago and you were playing at one of the stores. We sat out in front for a long time listening to the most beautiful music we had ever heard! When we had to pull ourselves away to resume shopping, we bought every CD you offered. I have even purchased some for my friends to enjoy. I have every one of them except for your new one, "A Face In The Clouds," and I'm going to order that today! Thank you both for your talent and hard work! Jenet Denny
My wife Terry and I met Marshall April 3/4, 1999 downtown Fredericksburg. We were on our honeymoon when we first heard Marshall's€™s wonderful music. He had set up on the square playing and had quite a crowd gathered. Terry and I were absolutely captivated. Being a Trumpeter I was sold after the first set. When Marshall took a break we spoke with him about his music and just did not have enough superlatives. He in turn ask about Terry and I, upon hearing that we were on our honeymoon Marshall very graciously signed a set (3) of CDs€™s for us. I can say the Terry and I have become Marshall’s unofficial music ambassadors to family, friends, coworkers and others. It’s become a source of enjoyment to see the responses of others and then be able to tell "the rest of the story"... Dwight Lancaster
I just wanted to write you a short note and tell you that your music has inspired me in so many ways. I remember when I first met the two of you in Fredericksburg with my ex wife and former step son. Well, I have been back from Iraqi for sometime and I am now stationed back in Fort Hood Texas We are due to deploy back to Baghdad come next August. I am not looking forward to it, but I guess duty calls. I just downloaded your new CD "The Twilight Concertos" from iTunes. I surely hope that you all get the money for it. I guess it might of been better if I would of ordered it directly from your site. I want you to know that I really appreciated the fact that you were willing to send me autographed copies of your CD to me when I was in Iraqi. I went through a lot at times, but your music managed to keep me grounded and to help me realize that even in the midst of hell I was able to hear sounds of heaven. Your music helped me to relax and to unwind after some of the stuff I went through. I am so thankful for people like you. I don't know if you realize just how much it meant to me that the two of you were willing to think of me when I was in the desert. I consider the two of you to be friends of mine and I really hope one day I could see Marshall in concert or in Fredericksburg. If Marshall will be playing in a concert, would you please let me know. I would love to take a date to your show and to experience the beauty of your music in person. I would do anything in the world to see Marshall play in person. If I had the connections, I would recommend that he play on national TV for Oprah. It may sound strange, but I think everyone should experience this music for themselves. I will never forget the first time I heard this music when I was walking in Fredericksburg. Thank you so very much. God Bless you and your family!! Your friend, Troy Merritt Tony Merritt Baghdad
Wow! Ordered on Friday, delivered on Monday. Best service I've seen! Stayed up late to listen to both CDs. Both are GREAT! Thanks again for your music, service, and your friendship. Larry
Marshall, you may not remember me, but I met you on a Sunday, in a drizzly downtown Fredericksburg. I got three CDs from you that day, each of which you graciously signed. I also got a handshake from you--one that has come to mean more to me as I've read about you and Kate, and especially listened to your breathtaking music. Thanks so much for being so kind, and for sharing the gift that God has given you. I'm thinking of dusting off my old keyboard and having a go at it again - but, likely, I'll simply relax and enjoy the wondrous music you've created. Thanks so much! May God bless you and yours...
Marshall, Your music touches the heart while stirring the soul. You made our 3rd anniversary in Fredericksburg memorable. I want you to know my husband is going through a lot with his dad going through terminal cancer. He saw what you went through and your music made him feel better. We don't have much time with him. But, my husband (after hearing your music) knows to spend as much time with him as we can. Also, our son had a cleft palate at birth and has gone through a lot of surgeries and such. You made all our troubles go away for awhile. I could go on and on... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are an inspiration and we are truly in your debt for the rest of our lives. May God bless you richly as you have blessed ours with your heavenly, God-breathed music. (There are no words that can do justice to describe your music.) Thanks again for all that you did for us and more! April Davis
Hello, I've been a fan of Marshall's since 1998 when I discovered his music in Fredericksburg. I had the honor of meeting him as well. His music has been an inspiration during so many phases in my life, including my moments of writing. Thank you Marshall Styler for giving through your music and sharing it with all of those who have been touched by your wonderful gift. Rengal
Janet and I are looking forward to more of Marshall"s wonderful music. I am sending payment by mail for the new CD A FACE IN THE CLOUDS. Also, looking forward to seeing you'll soon in Fredericksburg. Hope all is well with you and your family. Again, many thanks for such moving and wonderful music.
Janet King
Hi: My wife and I are great fans of Marshall Styler - met him one year at Folklife Festival in SA. I just purchased his new upcoming CD a little while ago. My wife and I would like to ask a favor from Marshall if he would sign our CD before you mail it out. Have him sign it to "Tom and Elaine." All the other CDs from Marshall have been signed. We'd like to keep a good thing going. Thank you for your kindness.
Thomas Sachey
Your music has healing qualities that are almost divine. Thank you Phil Brown
At my husband's insistence, we bought The Collection this past weekend in Fredericksburg. I have seen and heard your music before but had never bought a CD until now and I am hooked. I have long been a lover of piano and piano music and have many CDs in my collection but I must confess that I have never had an artist touch my Spirit and soul like your music. Listening to your music is a spiritual experience for me every time I turn it on. Continue to use your talent for His glory. May you be truly blessed. Linda and Glenn Wright Breckenridge, Texas Linda Wright
The clips on the site of \"A Face in the Clouds\" are an elixir to a troubled soul today. Stress and problems€¦ and then there's€™s music from Marshall... it’s always in the right spot at the right time. I can hardly wait till I open my mailbox and find the new one waiting. Thank you for brightening each day!
Rhonda Walker
I'm so excited about the new CD and I can't wait to get it. I may have to reorder some of the past CDs I think I'm wearing them out! Thanks for keeping us in beautiful music. Janie Colman
Kate, I just got the new CD on Saturday and I absolutely LOVE it! We are having some stressful things going on right now and just listening to Marshall play soothes everything out and makes everything OK. Keep the emails coming, please. Susan Roberts Susan Roberts
Thanks, I got my new CD in the mail Saturday! Great Job as always! I needed it. My job has been so stressful lately and this music will help Diane
Marshall, your CD "Red River Crossing" continues to be one of my favorites. Not only does your music touch the heart, but it calms the mind and soul as well. My meeting you and discovering your beautiful music during a visit to Fredericksburg, Texas, is looked upon as one my many blessings. May God bless you and your family. Arlene G. Cajun Country, Louisiana
MARSHALL, Hello and PLEASE come back to town to Do a Duke Jupiter Gig!!!!! Loved the performance back in July 06 and in the water street music hal in Rachacha.......let us know? Your new CD rocks, too!! Bill Behnke Rochester, N.Y.
Marshall, your music touches my soul. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with our world. Azzie Miller Clarkesville, GA, USA
I fell in love with his music listening to Sirius radio at work. SPA73. I have shared his music with many. It makes my day. DONNA ROBE USA,CLEVELAND, OHIO
Mr. Styler,
Your ability to create this beautiful and heavenly music is truly a gift from God! How truly blessed we are to be the recipients. Please keep it alive forever!! There is no music more beautiful. Best regards.
Hassie Start, LA (home of Tim McGraw)
:DI was at a gas station one day and while I was filling up my car, I heard this Heavenly music and turned to look to see where it was coming from and it was being played from a transfer truck that was delivering fuel!The door was open so I could hear it very clearly. I waited until the driver came around, and I asked him what is that beautiful music???He told me and I thanked him and told him he is spreading the ministry without even trying. Thank you for YOUR ministry. Linda Kirksey Lenoir City, TN
Hi Marsh & Kate! Just quick a note to say that Diane & I still go to sleep to your CDs every night. We switch CDs every few weeks, but they\'re all great. We gave copies of Face in the Clouds as Christmas gifts to friends & family back in Rochester last year; they were all blown away. (My dad - now 84 - is so impressed with the kid down the street who had a special taste for my mom\'s Spanish rice!) Keep up the good music; we\'ll see you in Austin one of these days. Heck, maybe we\'ll evacuate there for the next hurricane!! Best to both - Mike Mike Marullo New Orleans, LA
I feel so fortunate to be your neighbor, when I arrive home it is refreshing to hear you playing your music. I sometimes pull RJ out to sit with me to listen and encourage him to take deep breaths and relax. Of course he runs inside and pounds on the piano to make "nice music . Marshall".

He has away to go. It makes me happy though that he does appreciate fine music that sooths the soul.

Needless to say I use your music at work with my biofeedback clients... they love it! I thank God for the Blessing of you and your family!
Dr Selia Servi USA, TX, Austin
We have most of your albums, & were hoping to see you on our recent trip to the Fredericksburg/Austin area 12-15 Sep.
We were really disappointed old "IKE" detained us and didn't get to Fredericksburg . morning of Sunday 14th & only had a short time; your store wasn't open yet & we had to get to Austin to prepare for our flt home 6am Tues.
We'll be back 4 Nov, hope to catch a performance then.
Andy & Susan USA, Alaska, Anchorage
After going through one of the scariest times in my life (Hurricane Ike), the first thing I did when the generator was not need for running essentials to maintain life in this area was to connect my sound system and play my favorite CDs. Yours were at the top of the list. Your music can soothe many a nerve. Thank you. Kathryn Little Houston (Magnolia),TX
There are only two Composers of music that inspire me and that's you and Yani. Your music is so beautiful that it brings tears of joy to hear it and quite honestly, I can visualize the beauty of our Texas Hill Country, it's refreshing to the spirit. Mark and I just saw you in Fredericksburg today, what a Blessing to have yet another CD treasure that you've created. We heard your music playing as we approached your set up and we both said "Marshall Styler!"Let us know when you'll be in Wimberley, We'll bring our friends to introduce them to your gift of music! Jeanette Kope USA, TX., Canyon Lake

May your special day be filled with all your heart's desire. Hope everything went well at the Driftwood Vineyard's! Sorry we missed it!

Mark and Jeanette
Mark & Jeanet USA, TX, Canyon Lake
I've been a fan for several years since my wife and I heard Marshall's music playing from a store in Fredericksburg. We enjoyed meeting Katherine, but missed meeting Marshall. I've always enjoyed listening to his music while we're traveled all over the country. We moved to Ohio last year and I listen to his music every day. I can "feel" the Hill Country and when I close my eyes, I can "see" driving down back roads with bluebonnets everywhere. Thanks to both of you for your sharing of this great music. Marshall is the artist, but I feel that Katherine is his inspiration along with the beautiful Hill Country of Texas Leon Barbee Northwest Ohio
Wow, your musical journey is a joy to experience - not a surprise. My daughter's step son is moving to Austin in December. Will recommend he finds a way to hear you.
Hard to believe it has been 41 years since I heard you play live. All the best to you and all of yours.
Betsy (Pittma Indiana

I want to share a very special story that I think will move you and anyone else that reads this. My mom is a HUGE fan of yours. As a matter of fact, I picked up one of your new CDs on a trip to Fredericksburg this summer and had the pleasure of getting it autographed by you. I shared with you that my mom just went through breast cancer treatment and I wanted to get the cd for her.After hurricane Ike got finished pounding us my mom was sp stressed out she had a massive stroke and the prognosis was grim. She mentioned she wanted your Red River crossing cd played at her funeral. On September 27th she was given 24 hours to live, but a miracle happened the morning of September 28th and she said a guardian angel that looked like Marshall Styler had been there in the hospital for several nights with us, and he informed her that it was going to be okay and God was not ready for her and she was to stay with her family. I have obviously shortened this long story but I just want to let you know just how much you have touched the life of my mom and our family. God bless you and the beautiful music you make. I will be using her story as a testamonial at church to share the miracle performed and the awesome God we have. Many people have also learned about you through this experience. Needless to stay the entire medical staff was amazed by her transformation she literally went from dying to feeling better in just the blink of time after my mom said her angel left the room. The hospice nurse said she had never seen such a drastic change in anyone in her 28 years of doing her job. It was truly a miracle from God and a blessing for us. She is recovering nicely and hopes to get to go to the hill country soon and listen to Red River crossing that she so dearly loves. Please feel free to contact me at for updates or additional information. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
Jodie Kraemer Coldspring, Texas
There's nothing more inspiring than being married to a person who believes in you and inspires you to be more than you could be without her ... to do more than you could do without her. It's clear that Kate is that person for you. Congratulations!

I, too, am married to such a person: my Charlotte. Just completed our 38th wedding anniversary yesterday. We were playing your music in the car while taking my wife's 86 year old mother to the eye doctor. She was as impressed as Charlotte and I were when we first heard your music a couple of weeks ago and I am ordering a cd for Charlotte's mom today.

As the former Ambassador of FUN for Southwest Airlines I do a lot of presentations on the power of fun to get more done. I encourage my audiences to collect energy songs, relaxation songs, fun songs and frisky songs to enliven and enrich their lives. I will be highly recommending your music.

Last month, while speaking to the Texas Payroll Conference, a lady who had heard me before came up to me and presented me with a gift of your CD "Mockingbird Station" saying it had impacted her life in a powerful way.

I listened to it after I arrived home and now know why. And I agree with that lady. Marshall, you have a gift. Maybe it wasn't your intent to write healing music, but it appears to be exactly what you've done.

I believe you have the ultimate "road rage remedy" in your music. Count on me to help spread the word on the one of the best kept secrets in the country: Marshall Styler!

Tony Brigmon
Ambassador of FUN
Tony Brigmon USA, Texas, Grand Prairrie
I received your collection yesterday. I LOVE IT.I had your Trilogy years ago but so many have borrowed them and never returned. I thought it was time to replenish my Marshall Styler collection. There are so many words of inspiration I could share with you but then I would take up to much space on your messages. Your music is inspiring and calming. I use it in my classroom and when I travel. My son downloaded your music on an IPOD.....that is all they would allow them to take to Iraq. He said it was so inspiring to escape in your music. The night before he left....both times....we rode around, sharing moments, praying and listening to your music. I am showing my students the DVD.we love it. I teach special needs students and they love the DVD most because of the beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for your is a true gift. I was a music major in college,but because I play by ear.....I was always in trouble with my instructors,so I changed my major....but you make playing by ear look good. Thankyou again for sharing your talent with the world. Denise Murray USA,Texas, Pursley
It is a dreary mid 40s morning here, and I'm playing Mockingbird Station, which really helps the mood in this old house (built 1848).Your music is universal and it really makes my day better by just listening to your CDs. My wife is in Texas for a meeting, but as I told her, I just listen to Marshall's music, close my eyes, and I'm back in the Hill Country. Thanks Marshall and Kate... you two are a blessing to a lot of us. Leon Barbee Northwest Ohio
Good afternoon,

Just wanted to let you know that your music is so inspirational to me. I have always wanted a chance to move people with music the way yours moves me. I am now beginning to learn piano after having been so inspired. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world.
Joe Ginthwain USA,Beverly, MA
Seasons Greetings!

Just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving and plan to purchase your Wonderful music to give as Christmas presents. Let us know when you're heading to Wimberley, Texas in the Spring time!

Praises, Mark and Jeanette
Mark and Jean U.S.A., Texas, Canyon Lake
I downloaded "A face in the cloud" from Emule among other stuff. When listening to it, I found it was amazing and thought, "This is it, this is the music I like and I have to buy the CDs". Checking this website, I found that it's interesting with Marshall's idea that only instrumental and atmosphere music will lift the listeners above and beyond. Thanks Marshall and Kate for brought your outstanding music to this world.

Tran Khanh H Hanoi, Vietnam
Hi Marshall,

I stocked up on your CDs during the Houston Quilt Festival. However, I’d like to thank you for encouraging me to buy A Face in the Cloud. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed loosing myself in the music. Thanks again.

Mimi Fogtman

Mimi Fogtman

Just ordered the DVD and sent an email to Kate too. Looked at the messages and smiled when I saw Betsy Pittman...pretty sure I remember her when I was just a girl! I have been loving you, the family and your music for as long as I can remember. love, kerry
Kerry Covington, KY
I heard about your music from a friend where I work. She was playing Red River Crossing and I just loved it. She used to play it in the background for her young kids at the school where she previously taught. It was very soothing for the kids. I listen to your music frequently on Rhapsody and enjoy all your albums. Please keep me informed of any new albums and where you are playing. I would enjoy seeing you perform in person. Gloria Gloria Warner Austin, TX
I use to listen to his music back in New York when he was with Duke Jupiter. It was a special time for me and My sister Debbie.
A few years back as I was in Fredericksburg TX for my birthday when I came across Marshall selling his CDs. I bought a collection for myself and others. What a great joy these brought to me. I was happy to know that such a special person had found happiness. Way to go Marshall!!!

Cynthia Wehrmeyer
Cynthia Wehr San Antonio TX
Marshall, I first heard your music while walking down the street and across from the gift store where you performed and signing copies of your CDs. I think it was in October of 2002. I have moved and traveled so much since then and had lost the CDs. but found one of them today.

I just want to let you know that your music does touch a place deeply within my heart. It has inspired me many times. I hope to find all the CDs. but if not, I will purchase them again.

Thanks for following your dreams and heart. I have since left Texas myself to follow my dreams.

Blessings to you!
Charles H Apple Valley California
Hello, Marshall and Kate!

I just want to say that I love your music. I know many have said it before, but I really, really appreciate it. I have never come across your music before, until I was searching for instrumental music to calm down my hectic lifestyle that I found this website!:lol: I must admit that i thought this was ANOTHER failed attempt again, when your website music started and I was hooked by it. It's Red River Crossing.:eek: I LOVE it so much that I went and downloaded quite a lot of other themes in its album and I was like, is my life really that hectic?:shock: Haha. I bought the trilogy and my eldest daughter Candice tried Mockingbird Station on her piano, but it wasn't as professional as yours. My 2 younger daughters who like pop and rock better than such "cheesy" music even stopped complaining! We had your music in our house every day and guess what?!;) It miraculously cured my youngest girl's fiery, rebellious temperament! She's 13 this year, and while most parents complain about the hormone problems causing rebellion, I am proud to say that none of my girls had any problem now! Which makes me want to thank you, Marshall, again and again, and Kate too! I don't know what to say! The music's soothing, deep, and sensual. It captures the heart and plays again and again in your mind even though it has actually finished! When people asked me what is the best cure for anything, I will say: Marshall Styler's instrumental music albums! Thx, Marshall, Kate! :oops:
Jennifer22 UK, Somerset
:) i have enjoyed your music for several years now, after meeting you and your wife in Canton. i have also met you in Fredericksburg twice and have purchased your CDs for myself and my family. i especially enjoy them,as they help me get thru the 24 hr. shifts at the firehouse. i have yet to hear you play "live", but hope to someday. you are truly gifted. jeffNMQ4
Marsh, I love you guy. Jim Kelly snuck me into see Lincoln Zephyr once in old Roch.
My brother is Glen Cummings, of Cabo Frio fame. I'm joe Cummings. Your earnestness and drive always inspired me. I came out to the left coast in '78 and now in Tahoe still play. I look at your current picture and remember you hunched over that old beat up Rhodes and think about that band. What a band you guys had. I liked the first guitar player, the guy with the SG. I'd love to hear from you. I'm playing and singing my ass off. I know you are and I intend to buy some of your stuff. I'm almost afraid to ask about Kelly, that most unrepentant of bad boys.
Joe Cummings Lake tahoe
:D Mark and I are looking forward to going to your event at the Crossings in Austin. Can't wait!!!!
Jeanette Kope USA, TX, Canyon Lake
It has been almost 30 yrs since i last saw you perform, does my x husbands barber shop stir a memory? It was at the lost horizon in Syracuse,i cut your hair back stage for the last time because i was moving to san diego the year was 1982,,,,many moons ago. I just received your email invite to your cd release on june 20,so wanted to come,but southwest airline is not co-operating with me on a fair fare,something about advance booking time maybe someday soon...Before dementia sets in it would be a hoot to see you again i hope to get your DVD soon, something close to my spirit,the joining of music & photography hope all is well with you and your family keep the emails coming...Texas or bust DEBBIE SLAD PHOENIX,AZ
message: Dear Kate,
Recently I bought the "Face in the Clouds" album because of the one song "..Abandoned Road" the story of my life....
Then after I played the album over and over the music started to affect other areas of my soul and heart...from my children to my life with my parents.
Your husband's music has affected me like no other since "Hillary Stagg", whom I think was a genius too.
I believe with all my heart that much of your husbands music is a gift loaned from God, given to him because of Marshall's love for you...and all the pains and trials of life you two may share.
Music is my "drug" of the mind....and I thank Marshall and you for this.
Please let him know he does not have to know what to say to someone who is so touched by his music, all he has to do is say "you're welcome",
people know he feels too!

God bless you both.
This music touches my soul and moves me like nothing else has! I was raised and trained in classical music and it does not do the trick like Marshall's music has! Listening to the The Twilight Concerto, especially, makes me reflect on the lives of my family members who were so dear to me, who are no longer here. Thanks again! I hope Marshall performs in Los Angeles. Douglas
I bought the Red River Crossing CD on impulse, liking the description and the cover art. Beautiful is a good beginning point for describing the songs on this CD. There is a richness and spiritual quality that would settle the most troubled mood. If you are a person who experiences music visually (seeing images of people and places while enjoying it) and like the kind of music that takes you to those secret places in your heart that you save for special quiet moments, then you will like this collection very much. John Rogers ClarkIV "Seawizard" John Rogers C (Hartland, ME United States)
The Ballad of Brennan Road is the most beautiful & soothing songwriting gives me a warm feeling ! Mary Kesterso Retired Nurse
It truly is the most beautiful music I have heard. It truly touches my soul. You are very gifted Marshall and I am grateful for your sharing your gift. Nancy Ness
I have all of M. S's CDs. and they are all great. I have them on my IPod and listen and read at night when I can't sleep. Thank you Marshall Styler for sharing your wonderful talent. Jan Alexander
My husband and I love the hill country, especially Fredericksburg, and we will be buying more of Mr. Styler's CDs. when we return. We only have 4 right now and I love them all! They dust away the dirt of everyday life! Does he have any new ones coming out in the near future? Thanks! Marsha Boyer Marsha Boyer
Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed your CD Mockingbird Station. I got it through a friend of mine at church, where I am a preschool teacher for 2-3 year olds. I want you to know there are several kinds of music we have played at nap time and none of them have the soothing effect as this CD does. Now I am finding out you have many CDs. and this is wonderful. May God continue to bless you and Kate and stay prospering in good health, even as your soul prospers. Sharon
I was anxiously awaiting your new CD and 'Jericho' is even better than I thought possible. I knew this time to buy two -- one for work and one for home. Thank you for your gift; my spirit is calm when listening to these journeys. Sandy Hucheson
Marshall, a number of years ago while vacationing in Fredericksburg, TX we heard you perform. we bought one of your Cd's, Bluefields.Since that time we have gotten Red River Crossing, Mockingbird Station, Jericho, Silent Night, and now A Face In The Clouds and Twilight Concertos.My wife Linda and I enjoy your music so very much. I do watercolor painting, and you are my favorite artist to listen to while I paint.
We look forward to you next Cd which Kate said will be coming out in the Spring.
Your music is fantastic, so keep composing!
Jack Adams Green Valley, AZ
"All of Marshall's music is like being inside a transports me to a beautiful place. I never tire of listening to any of his CDs!"
Allie Miller

I first heard your music on the new age channel on sirius satellite radio. I must say, you are the greatest!! I love your music!! I have since purchased 2 of your CDs. Jericho, and Twilight Concertos. My next purchase will be A Face In The Clouds. Keep it coming... I love it!!
Bryan Holt Salisbury, NC
Hi Marshall,

I am sure you will not remember meeting me back in the fall of 2001-or 2 out in Fredericksburg. I was going through changes in my life that almost had me down. I heard your music from across the street and knew that I had to have what was playing. It was one of the songs on Red River CD. I purchased all three of your CDs. then and have returned today to purchase the whole set.

I have warn out the old CDs. and now only have one left so I needed a new dose of the awesome and heart felt music you create. I am a professional photographer and have often felt your music when I am out photographing the wild mustangs in Wyoming or Montana.

Thank you for following your heart and creating such beautiful music, there is something spiritual and soothing about it.

Blessings to you and as much success as you desire in your life,

Charles Hilton
Charles Hilton Apple Valley California
I know I've written before how much Marshall's music has meant to me, but I just thought I'd share one more thing. Recently, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia (it's excruciatingly painful). The doctors have given me some really awful meds to take (the side effects are almost as bad as the condition itself). Anyway, all that is to say ... one of the things that brings on these attacks is stress. I work in high tech, so stress is a daily occurrence. Yesterday, I came home feeling like an attack was about to come on again. I put on Marshall's music, lit some candles, and just sank into the music. I honestly believe that's what brought me back.

So, maybe we should market you as a great over-the-counter stress reliever. *grin*

But thanks, truly, for what you've given. It is beyond appreciated.

J. Owens Texas
Marshall you have come a long way since DUKE JUPITER. wishing you all the success in the future. we all miss the gigs from the charlotte beach to the glass fornication us fans ,those were the days where we could not wait for your next appearance or reunion at waterstreet music hall or the downtown festival tent. hope we get to see you in Rochester with your new music ? keep us in mind and good luck. larry bianchi Rochester,NY
What a nice surprise to get you update....I was just listening to your beautiful music......I have all your CDs. and listen to them while I'm on the computer which is daily.....and my husband even clicks your music on before we turn in each night and he's never in our 38 yrs. of marriage wanted music to fall to sleep by....So "THANK YOU" again for such relaxing music to drift off to....I'm going to Canton next Friday and was hoping to catch you, to see if you had any new CD's....hopefully I will come across you there. Thanks again for your updates and keep up the good work. May God continue to bless you and your special ministry of music....
Renee' and Ken Clark
Renee' and Ken Clark
I'm a new listener to Marshall Styler and here is how it happened. I went down to visit my daughter who is stationed at Lemoore Naval Air Station and we drove to San Simeon for the weekend to visit Hearst Castle. On Saturday, we took a stroll down the main street of Cambria and we stopped in Exotic Nature which was playing his cd, Mockingbird Station. I purchased it and have been listening to it every day since my return. I forget all my worries and focus on the love I have for my family. Brenda Ingra Yamhill, Oregon
At my husband's insistance, we bought The Collection this past weekend in Fredericksburg. I have seen and heard your music before but had never bought a CD until now and I am hooked. I have long been a lover of piano and piano music and have many CDs. in my collection but I must confess that I have never had an artist touch my Spirit and soul like your music. Listening to your music is a spiritual experience for me every time I turn it on. Continue to use your talent for His glory. May you be truly blessed.

Linda and Gle Breckenridge, TX
Marshall, your music touches the heart while stirring the soul. You made our 3rd anniversary in Fredericksburg memorable. I want you to know my husband is going through a lot with his dad going through terminal cancer. He saw what you went through and your music made him feel better. We don't have much time with him. But, my husband (after hearing your music) knows to spend as much time with him as we can. Also, our son had a cleft palate a birth and has gone through a lot of surgeries and slouchy made all our troubles go away for awhile. I could go on an on. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts! You are an inspiration and we are truly in your debt for the rest of our lives. May God bless you richly as you have blessed ours with your (there are no words to describe)heavenly God-breathed music. April Davis Kerrville,TX
Marshall, i just want to say I LOVE your beautiful soothing music !!!I found out about you through a friend I worked with a year and half ago and I was hooked !!!We use to play your music during rest time for our preK class and they always fell asleep!!!Your a blessing for everyones ears, young or old !!!My husband and I sleep by your music nightly. Please keep up your wonderful music. Janet Janet Dallas,TX
I just want to thank you for creating such relaxing, soothing, calming music. When I listen to the music I enter another world called Heaven. There was a bit of friction at work recently and I brought in from home a CD player and put your music on where it could be heard. It’s amazing how well it worked. Your music changed attitudes literally. A couple weeks ago the CD came up missing and after confronting my husband (that was after I found the empty CD case in his car) I found out he loves to listen to your music also. I purchased Red River Crossing when the girls and I made our yearly trip to Canton in November 2005. I am looking forward to purchasing Jericho and the Twilight Concertos. Thanks again for sharing your God given talent with all of us. JoAnne Kirk Keller, TX
Hi Marshall!

I\'m so glad to hear you\'ll be doing a FREE live performance this weekend, May 16th & 17th, 9:30 - 2 pm at Costco, Arbor Trails, Austin, TX Thanks for supporting the children and charity of Children Miracle Network fund raiser for Dell Children\'s Hospital. You are too kind, we love you!!!!
Beth Studio City, CA
I just listened to A Face in the Clouds. It was deeply touching. Absolutely beautiful. No words are available to describe the beauty. Thank you Lori Sandy, UT
I started with Jericho - and immediately bought the multi pack. There was just something right about sitting in our little mountain A-Frame listening to Marshall. Shortly after I was headed out to see my twin brother at his cabin on the White River in Arkansas- called Kate and got another multi pack for his cabin. That was 5 years ago!You guys are great - and certainly a big part of our :getting away"thanx, k keith colorado
Dear Marshall & Kate...I heard the new album SEVEN FALLS is coming out in June/July, yes? I can't wait to hear it! Peace and blessing to you and yours! Beth Studio City, CA
:D-I just purchased 4 more of Marshall's CD's.Several years ago while passing thru
Fredericksburg TX, I encountered Marshall
at a bookstore promoting his CD's. I purchased Twilight, Red River and Jericho.
Marshall autographed each of them across the
face of the CD. We have enjoyed listening to all of them practically every night. Can't wait
to receive the new ones..
I heard about the June 20th launch party at The Crossings Ausin, overlooking Lake Travis. Free for the fans?!! Good luck with it, wish I could be there and stay at the spa for the weekend...oh my!!! beth Studio City, CA
Beautiful article in the Austin Chronicle! Saw it on line and I'm very impressed ;) Keep up the good work. Love the new CD, Seven Falls!! Best work yet! Katherine Kala Ithaca, N.Y.
Incredible article in the Austin Chronicle. We purchased The Trilogy Set in 98 or 99 @ at a Festival in Wimberly from you and Kate. Absolutely love your instrumental piano music. Looking forward to receiving my purchases including SEVEN FALLS. Keep up the good work!! Cathie Crate Deer Park, TX
I use your music during my energy work/craniosacral sessions. My clients love your music. For myself personally it brings me to such a point of peace, I'm doing wonderful wonderful healing work.

I had 5 CDs and have worn them all out to the point they started skipping, so I stopped by to replenish and now I can add your newest!

Thanks for the inspiration!:D
Jordan Holwell Illinois
would like sheet music to " A Face In The Clouds " Floyd DuBois usa,nc,Mooresville
Finally meeting you this afternoon was a highlight of our lives. Since we stumbled upon one of your early CDs while celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary seven years ago, we have enjoyed listening to your music almost every evening at bedtime, and I'm sure will continue doing so throughout our lives. I hope you continue putting out albums. We will buy every one. Thank you for performing this afternoon, for letting us know you would be there; and most of all, thank you for your special gift of music which has brought such joy and peace to our lives. Jim and Susan San Antonio, TX
Excellent composition. Your music could easily fit into a million dollar movie soundtrack. I like movie sound tracks and your music is at the same level of performance and beauty. I can see one of your songs used as a soundtrack for a romantic movie such as The Titanic, or Breakfast At Tiffany's. Keep up the good work. FIVE stars.
John San Antonio
Just wanted to tell you, one composer to another, that I'm glad I discovered your music some years ago in Texas -- "Red River" CD still my favorite, and never ceases to calm me down now that I have awful back issues and chronic pain -- also like the song about Mansfield Dam but there are quite a few that really just soothe me even if I don't know which ones they are. So thanks! Mel White
My husband and I love your music! We were able to come to your event at The Crossings in Austin and bought your latest album “Seven Falls”. We’ve enjoyed listening to it very much.

Thanks for such great music!
Jill Cummings Texas
Love,Love,Love your music. You are the best composer I have heard in a long time. Glad I found you :D Jill Greer U.S., Louisiana,Pineville
My husband and I love the hill country, especially Fredericksburg, and we will be buying more of Mr. Styler's CDs. when we return. We only have 4 right now and I love them all! They dust away the dirt of everyday life! Does he have any new ones coming out in the near future? Thanks! Marsha Boyer
Marsha Boyer
Love your music! It is so original. I'm glad I received an e-mail that included your music so that I learned about you. Marilyn Steel Oklahoma
I rev up my engines everyday with your music, and I love watching a sunset while listening to Twilight where you have captured the sunset with your music. Robert Bailey Pasadena, TX
Colors...Just watching this brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing to learn just how important things in your life are when you don't have them near. This is definitely an appreciation for the simple beauty that God has provided us. I'm with the US Navy Seabees here in Iraq. This most assuredly put a crack in the shell I've created around me in order to carry on while I'm away from my Loved ones. What was more incredible was when the credits for the music rolled... Marshall Styler is one of my cousins (From the group Duke Jupiter, he was the lead singer) Just remarkable!!!! CS1 Steve Kuj Al Asad, Iraq
Dear Marshall, finding you thru the video "Colors" was indeed a great gift! You are amazing and your music is sheer GENIUS! Thank you for "being you" and for bringing a bit of peace of mind to us during these most difficult times on our planet! J.J. Austin Orlando, FL
I purchased your Camden Road album while you played at Gilligan's in Austin, Texas too many years ago. During some move I have lost the CD but still have the cover. Any way I can order this album again. I don't see it on your store list. Interesting after all of the years, this CD I most miss.
Dirk Bottesch Mesa, Az
"Seven Falls" is the most beautiful Album I heard so far in 2009 ! ... I just discovered you on Napster - Can't wait for your next album. Thanks you very much for your nice Peaceful music. Mehrdad T. U.S.A, Texas, Plano
Mr Syler, I just want to take a few minutes to tell you how much I love your music. I can be in an unpleasant mood and tune into Red River Crossing or A Face in the Clouds and I know all is well. I am mesmerized by your feels close to God and all his creations when we take the time to stop and absorb the music. Beautiful music that takes you away to far away places, lakes, ocean shores, soaring like a name it and your music can take you there. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.
May the Lord continue to bless you with this wonderful gift!
Jackie Muir
Grande musica , veramente una poesia senza parole , complimenti Marshall!!
Fantastica musica!!

Translation: Great music, truly poetry without words, compliments Marshall!
Fantastic music!
Massimo Gand Italy
A friend just forwarded us a copy of Colors with your music in the background. I was pleased to tell our friend that we had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the wonderful music in a store in Fredericksburg 5 or 6 years back. And we're so glad we were fortunate to be able to buy one of your tapes.
Thanks for your wonderful work.
Bill Krumm Richardson, TX
I saw you perform last night and wanted to let you know that I found your music to be really inspiring. I purchased one of your CDs and am going to purchase another one. My wife LOVES it too!

All the Best,
Bill Monroe Austin, TX
I just purchased Seven Falls on iTunes. It is an excellent album. I was at your farewell Duke Jupiter concert at Nazareth College back in the 80's.I think that it was the very last show. After the concert the roadie was taking apart your rig and he placed your super jupiter on the stage. I reached out and pushed down the silent keys. I distinctly remember the weight of the keys and how happy I was to be there that night. All the best Marshall. George L. Naperville, Illinois
Please know how enchanted I have become with your music. Kate, to whom Marshall dedicated his trilogy, must feel blessed for such a gift.

I have the unfortunate habit of taking "things" to heart and allowing stress to wad me up at times. Although prayer and reading my Bible are considerable help, I have long sought music that would "take me away" to that place where no one, no thing, can upset my spirit.I just wanted you to know that by accident, (hearing "A Face in the Clouds" on radio), I discovered a penetrating balm that lays ruffled feathers to rest.

I am pursuing the publication of a novel and should it ever get so far as being made into a movie, I would wish for Marshall to create the soundtrack.

Thank you for sharing your amazing God-given talents with the world.

Jan Boles Thompson
Jan Boles Tho USA
very very nice. I just stumbled on your music on itunes radio on the ambient, gotradio, piano station. I look forward to becoming familiar with your work.

thank you Sir.

Robin Roy Murphey
Robin Roy Mur keizer, oregon
right now, just looking for new inspirations of music to better my talents as an aspiring artist. Help me reach the best you guys. Benson Freder United States
My wife Janice and I were really surprised and excited to meet you in Fredericksburg.. this passed weekend. We purchased your latest CD SEVEN FALLS and you autographed it for us. Thanks for the music and taking the time to sign our CD. I just looked the Duke Jupiter web site and really enjoyed your rock music. Thanks again! We will be waiting for another CD. Terry & Janice. Terry Collins Tomball, Texas
What can I say? Just discovered your great music on the net. Already purchased "Face in the clouds" and about to download more from I Tunes. Thanks for such great relaxing Music. Much appreciated.
Graham Wilki Essex, UK
Hey Marsh..Its been years..I am the DJ that posted the old Ricjies pix from the next to last Dukes show on Facebook. In between radio gigs, I was working as a counselor at the old Entry To Care on West Ave in Rochester I got jumped by a group of guys one night in 92 and was beaten to a pulp. I was re-introduced to you and your newest venture during cognitive rehab in the mid-late 90's by one of my therapists. The first songs might have even come from a demo you sent to folks back in Rachacha. Your songs have been a constant companion of mine ever since. Wether to work through a trauma related migraine or to help chill out after a PTSD induced night of checking my windows and door locks a hundred times :-) And if I need a kick in the pants instead of rest and relaxation, I still have White Knuckle Ride and the other Duke stuff for that. I've only met ya once but both of your musical selves (haha) have been a best friend to me. Thanks..Best wishes to you and Kate!! Tim Thomas South Canisteo, NY USA
Enjoyed your music during our stay at Devereaux Shields B & B in Natchez, MS.
Wonderfully relaxing.
Diane Mobile, AL
Very relaxing.... "Red River Crossing"
I was at the Harvest Festival in San Mateo, talked with your Son, thought about getting a CD, I left and came back by and purchased Red River.
Thank you for being willing and helping those of us relax and absorb your gift. I think I really came back by to see your Son...:) WOW!!

JILL San Carlos, Calif.
:D I just wanted to say hi. I went to many of your concerts (Glass Onion, Red Creek) back in the day. Yours was a great band. I just dug out Sweet Cheeks and Taste The Night and started converting them to my PC. Sweet Cheeks is a GREAT album! Thanks for all your great music. Mark Terreri Rochester, New York
Mr. Styler,
thank you for the gift of your music. I purchased three CDs. at the Wimberly Market Days this Nov. and have not listened to any other music since. I am a Yoga instructor and use your music in my Yoga classes. My students love them and I tell them your name and website each day so that they can purchase them for home use. I have also ordered three CDs. for a Christmas gift for my sister. I'm sure she will love them as much as I do. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration.
Debra San Antonio
Oh my Goodness, Beautiful music. I fell in love with it the minute I heard it. Thanks Susie Highsmi Cedar Creek,TX
Received the Seven Falls CD, and it was as beautiful as all the others. I have them all, and listen to them nearly daily- they really help to relax and let you forget the daily grind. Your CDs. and a glass of good Texas wine from the Hill Country just about takes care of it all. Thanks. Jeff East Texas
Dear Mr. Styler,
I am not familiar with your work, but I know that Jodie Kraemer is a fan. She is inspired by what you do. Today, she and her husband, Allen, face a very difficult decision. They must decide to let their 13 year old son remain on life support, or let him go. It is a decision as a parent that I hope and pray that I will never have to face. He is their only child. Please pass on prayers to everyone that you know, that no matter what God's will is, that everyone, including the Kraemers, their son, extended family and friends will survive with an inspired heart. A heart that is grateful for the precious time that they had with their son. Thank you.
anonymous coldspring
Love your music. Have many memories of you and The Duke Jupiter Band playing in upstate NY. Glad to see your doing very well. Ron B. Syracuse NY
Howdy, it's been a while since I've posted. Just wanted to let both of you know that your music helps keep me sane up here in the snow and cold. I just turn on the CD player, close my eyes, and picture myself driving the backroads of Texas, "seeing" the bluebonnets, enjoying the fresh air, the hills of central Texas, and the piney woods of east Texas. Thank you Marshall and Kate for giving us "lost" Texans beautiful images through your music. Bless you both. :D Leon Kenton, Ohio
Hi Marshall, my name is linda i met both of you a few years back in fredericksburg TX i purchased 3cds. i work for hospice, i'm a cna; i give massages to my patients with your lovely music to relax them. one of my red river crossing CDs was missing from the nursing home. its okay now that i know i can buy it at barnes and nobles. i also listen to your other CDs when i get my massage and relax in my prayer room. god bless you and your family. linda m daniel san antonio, Texas
Just discovered your music on Pandora and find it consistently awesome! I now have Jericho and am checking the mail daily for Face In the Clouds! Dean U.S.A., Arizona, Phoenix
Hi Kate and Marshall:

Whew! I just listened to your new CD, Seven Falls. This one takes my breath away... much like the first CD I heard about 10 years ago when I discovered Red River Crossing while visiting Austin, Texas Keep producing such heartfelt music. And keep sending me notices of your new releases. Thanks you guys, for being you.

Warm regards,
David Klimek Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hello from Ohio again. We have thunderstorms rolling and I've got Red River Crossing playing. Although all of your music seems to blend with the rolling thunder, the Ballad of Brenham Road seems to fit the best right now. I really do miss being in Texas and I'm hoping we get to move back as soon as possible, but on the other hand, I hope my wife's mother lives several more years. I hope both of you are doing fine.:D Leon Northwest Ohio
I have heard your wonderful music on trips to Fredericksburg, but I was just "compelled" to purchase a couple of your CDs while hearing it play at Wildseed Farms yesterday.

Living in the hectic, stressful times we live in, I find it so comforting and soothing for the soul. We listened to both CDs on our beautiful ride back home through the Texas hill country enjoying all the magnificent wildflowers in bloom!
Debbie Rust Manchaca Texas
Greetings Marshall. I downloaded your Seven Falls CD and think it is absolutely fantastic. I would be curious to learn what you think about a collaboration with Craig Chaquico on your next CD! Thoughts? bbillin Colorado, USA
Thank you for being YOU and thus for enriching this planet with your presence... Blessings dear one,

Vesna ( Croatia)

PS my
Vesna croatia
Greetings and Salutations from 'The Land of The Midnight Sun'! Been trying to keep track of you and your music from the days of Duke Jupiter, Marshall. Was pleasantly surprised to have found you again. Though your music has evolved quite substantially, your still hitting on all eight cylinders in my book. Really enjoyed listening to the newer instrumentals. Have to admit though... I also liked your vocals. Best wishes in future endeavors. Keep it real. Thanks for so many years of wondrous ear candy! Would love to catch that reunion. ThunderProof Fairbanks, Alaska
Ditto Patricia's note regarding sheet music and more specifically for early intermediate (or late beginner even!) What an encouragement that would be for young piano students--especially young men-- to be able to hear themselves play something beautiful...The piano instruction world has a void here. (or maybe I just am in a void--any readers suggestions welcome) piano teacher USA, MD, Cavetown
I just heard your music for the first time, and it's so beautiful, there are no words to describe it. I would love to purchase the sheet music to A Face in the Clouds. I know I could play this on the piano for my family. If possible, could someone direct me to where to purchase it, please?I've "googled" it, but have had no luck finding the sheet music. Thank you for any help you could give me. I'll check back for new posts that might give me the answer! :D Patricia Santa Barbara, CA
Marshall, Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your music is to me . I have cable soundscapes on twenty four hours a day in my home. Every time I hear something very special I click to see who created it. Now it seems more often than not it is you. I also have been blessed by God with a gift that pours out of my fingers, only mine is painting for the eyes. Yours is painting for the ears. When people ask me how I am able to create so many images out of my mind ,I always explained that it is like composing music. That when I start to apply color to fabric , something very small appears on the canvas and suddenly I see a greater picture start to appear before my eyes. Like the first notes of a melody wanting to be set free so that it can become whole. Today I will be ordering all of your albums .I am excited to see where they take me while I paint. Keep up the wonderful inspiration. Visit my web site Masterslight , you'll see we are both driven by the same force. Dale TerBush Scottsdale , Az USA -
Greetings from Rochester - can't wait to hear you with Duke Jupiter on July 22, 2010. See you there.
Your cousin, Bob. (bud & marie's youngest son)
bob Rochester ny

Incredibly soothing music! I bought the first six CDs several years ago when you were performing in Northeast Mall, Ft Worth. A friend complimented me on the selection, so I've just ordered a set for her.
Best wishes..
Ron Grapevine, Texas
I wanted to thank you, Katherine, for your call today about my order. I am looking forward to my new CD's. I am an aesthetician and love playing Marshall's music at the salon, but didn't know where to find them until I googled him. I'm glad that I did. I play keyboard myself, and only wish that I was as talented. I look forward to more CDs. and hopefully seeing you live in Texas someday. Thanks again! Doris Inman Waco, Texas
I MET Marshall Styler!!!!! I heard the music, I knew the music, and there he was!! He was playing that beautiful "poetry without words" right on the main street where I live!

Thank you Marshall! Love the new CD, "Seven Falls" My first client this morning also loves it!

Tranquil Day Spa
Donna Fredericksburg, TX
I saw you play today in Rochester NY. You guys were great. I wanted to say hi but there were so many people. Your cousin Juli, My grandparents were Marie and bud.
juli Rochester ny
Marshall, what a great show last night in Rochester and getting DUKE back together for one more show. It was a thrill to see all you guys back together again and hear the music that made you guys live that wild ride. thanks again Marshall, best of luck to you, Larry. Larry Bianchi Rochester,NY
:D thanks for another great show 7-22-10 cory usa ny Rochester
I love your music. "Welcome to Dreamland" is my favorite. I could listen to that song a million times and never get tired of it. I first heard it on Soundscapes while trying to get some sleep. I have the "Seven Falls" album and love it! Keep up with your beautiful music, Marshall. Diana Minor Bunker Hill, WV
Just ordered your new album, have all the others including Christmas Album. Your music is so relaxing early in the morning, as well as late evening after a hard day at work. Thank you SO much ... I have not heard your Duke Jupiter, perhaps I can see the recent reunion clip on YouTube. Jeanette Redd San Antonio TX
Growing up with an undiagnosed learning disability was and still is a firestorm in my head that will not cool... until I hear the melodies and poetic symmetry of Marshall's music. I was introduced to his music by my former associate pastor, Northside B.C. in Odessa, TX. Now, living in GA, his music reminds me of all the wonders of the west Texas landscape, from the panhandle to the Davis Mountains, and beyond...! Timothy Jefferson, GA
I met Marshall at Canton. I was so drawn to his music. I think we will be listening to it not only here, but also when we get to heaven. It is simply....beautiful. It is reflective, and I felt the peace of God in it. Suzanne Good USA. Houston,TX Area
Great day to you Kate and Marshall

It was a Great pleasure getting to talk to you, personally, and listen to your music LIVE last night at the Omni in Austin, Marshall. We thank you for sharing your music. Dylan is still sharing last night's experience with friends and family. We look so forward to hearing you again, and hope to get to meet Kate, as well. We carry you and your family in thought and Prayer, and may you have a wonderful Blessed weekend. Joe, Janie, and Dylan Piller

Joe , Janie an Gatesville Texas
:DIt's a beautiful day (about 60) and the leaves are brilliant colors, but they are falling, which means I have raking to do:?I'm listening to Jericho while raking, so it is actually enjoyable having to do the leaves. I still miss Texas and can't wait to return some day. Your music gives me such pleasure, no matter if I'm working or just sitting outside and enjoying the cool weather. I wish you two as much joy and happiness as your music gives to me. I feel much better with your music playing. God bless both of you !!! Leon Northwest Ohio
I'm addicted, hooked. I was caught by the beautiful music at the International Quilt show in Houston, TX
Thank you so much. I've looked for music with just the right sound that quiets my soul. Thanks again,
Be Blessed in all your endeavors.
Doug Dickson Covington, LA.
:D Marshall, I've got all your music which I enjoy daily. As one western new yorker to another, thanks and keep up the great work. Happy Holidays from our house to yours. Jerry Neely San Antonio, TX
:DHello Kate and Marshall. I drove to the store this morning in driving snow, listening to Red River Crossing, and I'm now at home listening to Jericho with the snow blowing and 28 degrees outside. Everytime I listen to your music, I think of Kate and Marshall and pray that both of you are doing well. May the spirit of Christmas bless you year round !! Leon northwest Ohio
Duke Jupiter Rules!!! I sure hope things get better for you guys. Good luck George Lichak Romulus, NY
Marshall, I'm so sorry for what you and your wife are going through. You are now on my daily prayer list. My own daughter was diagnosed with a rare thyroid cancer in April 2010 at the age of 17. It's a difficult road, this cancer journey. May God guide you and keep you in his care. (I was an agent at Pelican Productions with Pete Morticelli when Duke Jupiter was putting out some great music and when George passed away.) Sharon Ferrar Fairfax, VA
Marshall, So very sorry to hear about your wife. God bless her and You during this most difficult time. Thanks you for all the great music and times you have brought so many and i wish you Both Well in the new year! Mark Skipwort Farmington,NY,USA
Good Afternoon Marshall,

I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I just read of her illness and will be praying for her comfort as well as yours.

God bless you as you go through this difficult time.

Jim Colacino
Newark, New York
Jim Colacino Newark, New York
Marshall - Diane and I are so glad that we had the chance to finally meet Kate and to see you again after all these years. It was an evening we will remember always. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Kate and the rest of the family during these difficult times... With love, Mike & Diane Mike Marullo St. Rose, Louisiana
This is the first I heard about Kate's cancer return.
I'm so sorry to hear this news.
I met Kate when she sat next to my wife Ginger at the cancer center. She was so supportive of me especially after I lost Ginger.

I wish I could do more to help...I feel your pain as I know what it's like. Please give my love to Kate. My prayers are with all of you.

Ernie Durawa
Ernie Durawa austin
Please know that we are praying for you and Kate during this difficult time. Mary Litwin Houston, Texas
Kate and Marshall, it was so nice to meet you both at the Omni Hotel a few months ago. I really enjoyed getting acquainted with you both. I remember Kate and I talking about breast cancer, as I also have had breast cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Nancy Nancy Parkins USA, TX, Austin
Marshall--So sorry to hear about your wife. I too had breast cancer 7 years ago, but is has so far kept from returning. I pray for peace & healing for you and your family. Noel Reitz Marietta, GA
It seems like a lifetime ago that I was heading through the gate between our back yards to babysit the kiddos...and they're all grown up now!We're back in the area after 6 years in WA...hope we get to see you soon!Thinking of and praying for you both as you fight Kate's cancer. May you be blessed beyond measure in 2011.((HUGS)) Kristina Banas Cedar Park, TX
:|Dear Marshall, Your music has been part of my daily life since the purchase of the Six Piece Set of Quiet Instrumental Piano CDs some years back at a local craft show.

Our love, prayers, and support are for you at this sorrowful time in which Kate (and the family) is going through.

If there is a way to donate (other than Pay Pal) I'd be happy to do so. I had a bad experience with Pay Pal and no longer use them.

God be with you and yours...
Vada & Truma USA, Texas, Stafford
What words do I use to express how I feel, if only you could inside my heart all the love I have for Kate. How much she has touched my life and will always reside there. My heart is breaking, my legs are weak, I cannot and will not get her out of my thoughts and prayers.
Marina and I are and always will be grateful to her for all she has done for me. They say it takes a village, it took one to bring me back from stage 3a aggressive breast cancer. I am so glad Kate was at the front of the line; ready, willing and able to help. Now it is our turn to return the love.
Jackie Saldaà Georgetown, Texas
Marshall, Kate & family: I am so sorry to hear of Kate's illness and the pain that you're all going through. I've followed Duke since the early 80's and saw you every time you played in the Rochester and surrounding area. I've made a donation and hope that it helps - God Bless you and you're all in my prayers! Rhonda Warni Rochester, NY
My family is sending lots of positive vibes your way Marshall. Will keep you both in our prayers. I was a big Duke Jupiter fan since the early 80's and was at that Palmer Auditorium show in 1984. Robert Austin, TX
:) May the Lord fill you with His strength and knowledge during this very hard time. I have lost a very close friend to cancer and it is so hard to see what they go through. I pray the Lord will help her to feel less pain and to feel the love around her to help her go through this very hard time.
Love in Christ, Sharon Finn
Sharon F. Cedar Creek TX
Marshall...Kathie is the finest person I have ever known...but you know that already. My heart is breaking for the best friend anyone could have, and for you and your sweet babies. Please tell her I love her and she has blessed my life in ways like no other. You are in my prayers...Lin Linda Hanchar Wilkesboro, NC
Duke Jupiter and their fans have always had a close connection much like a family. In this time of need, our family wants to let you know that both Marshall, & Kate are in our prayers and are like family to us. You both are special people and were brought together for a reason. Let your memories of all the good times ease the pain. God Bless. JOHN LAMPERT
Dear Kate and Marshall,

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. We are your fans from Katy. Kate was so nice to me when I left my shawl in Austin and returned it to me. We had a wonderful talk on the phone, I felt like I had known you forever. Kate, you have a loving and kind spirit.I am praying that you are at peace. With love to both of you. Barbara
Barbara Hendr USA, Texas, Katy
My entire family (extended included) absolutely love your music. So when we heard about your dear wife, we were all moved. Just want you both to know that we'll be praying for a peaceful transition from this chapter of her life, to the next; and that the Lord will fill your home and hearts with His love. Tani Dawn Ro Covington, TX
Marshal, Kate & Family,
Our thoughts and prayers our with you. We have been big fans of the band since the 80's and have been to ALL of the reunion concerts. The one this past summer was the BEST!:) and we enjoyed it right up front as always! I've left a small donation...wish we could do more.
John & Sheila Newark, NY
The first time I met you, I knew we were going to be friends and you have meant the world to me. You have been the most positive person I know. I love our friendship. You have been through a lot, and I pray you'll come through this. If it weren't for Marshall's music I would not have gotten to know you. You both mean a lot to me. Cheryl Zehrer The Hills, TX
To the wonderful Styler Family,
You are in our hearts & prayers.
We posted your information on our FaceBook fan site for our book CHEMO HONEYMOON. It will certainly reach more of your fans. thank you for the music.
Andrea Whitco USA, Rochester, NY
To the wonderful Styler Family, You are in our hearts & prayers. We posted your information on our FaceBook fan site for our book CHEMO HONEYMOON.
It will certainly reach more of your fans.
thank you for the music.
Andrea Whitco USA, Rochester, NY
Kate and Marshall - You both have mean the world to me. If it wasn't for your music, I would have never met Kate. I love you both and pray that you both get through all of this. Kate is the most positive person I have ever met. I love you both. Cheryl Zehrer The Hills, TX
Kate and Marshall - You both have mean the world to me. If it wasn't for your music, I would have never met Kate. I love you both and pray that you both get through all of this. Kate is the most positive person I have ever met. I love you both. Cheryl Zehrer The Hills, TX
This is very sad news. I've known Kate since high school and she's always been wonderful to me. I've met Marshall at a couple of Kate's (and my) high school reunions, and I can hardly think of a coherent thought to write. You'll be in my prayers of course. David Wright Marlborough, MA, USA
Thoughts and Prayers for Kathy and Marshall. I've known her since I was a kid.
B Kelly Wilcox ithaca, ny
It has been many years. I pray for you and your family to be healed at this time.......................Greg, old Roadie
Greg Kramer Fond du Lac Wi.
I wish your wife fair winds scented with flowers on her walks thru sunny skies.
for all you have given me thru music in these many years...thank you
Bill Scheriff Purling NY
How I will miss Kate's smiles and hugs. Kate lit up any room she entered and brought us all into the light with her. Although we didn't get to see much of each other in the last few years, her memory always brought a smile to my face. Kate --so full of love and enthusiasm for life that it was contagious, you couldn't help but feel better around her. She has now begun another journey and although I will miss her I am just a bit better, warmer, happier because she was in my life.
Much love Kate for you will always be in my heart.
Dear Marshall, Ali, and Nick, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Cory Elwell USA, Austin, TX
As Theresa and I suffer and triumph with serious illness for both my father and mother in law, we are with you in spirit. Rich Agnello, Worthington, OH
I am so saddened at the news of Kate's passing. Kate exemplified bravery, courage and true beauty since I met her 11 years ago. I'm honored to have had her as a friend. I will miss her. Farewell, precious Kate. Sally R Austin, Texas
Marshall, We have known Kathy since the Belle Sherman days, she always had a kind word for everyone and we shared some wonderful memories. My husband had some great memories in high school with Kathy and always considered her a close loyal friend. The class of 74 will miss her very much. Love, Steve and Lea Steve and Lea Greensboro North Carolina
I've been reminiscing for hours about a woman that I think of with great adulation. What I know is that she always made me feel loved and special, she gave that away to everyone she knew, and that was one of her many gifts. My thoughts and prayers are with ya'll. Suzanne Gued Austin
Marshall and family ~

I first met Kathy in 7th grade, and as long as I have known her she has always had a smile and a wonderful spirit about her!I am thankful she has been a part of my life growing up. I sure do have some fond memories with Kathy in Jr. High, and in High school. I am so sadden to hear of her loss and the loss of her wonderful mother recently. Marshall, please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time in your life.

I will miss you my friend.
Mary (Sullivan Ithaca NY

Meg and I are saddened to hear the news about Kate. She was indeed a beautiful person and a wonderful friend to us all. She will be greatly missed. Please know that you and your family will continue to be in our prayers and we pray that God will give each of you strength in the days ahead.

In His love,
Ronnie & Meg Wier
Ronnie & Meg Austin, TX
The show on 07/22/10 was outstanding I hope all fans donate as we did . God Bless Joe Coppeta USA NY Rochester
My thoughts and prayers are with you all! I will always remember Kathy as an inspiration for a jest of life through high school! She was definitely a person of high admiration and genuine heart! God Bless you! Cindi Fisher Columbus, Indiana
Please accept my sympathy and prayers upon Kate's recent death. You will be in my thoughts and prayers during the difficult days ahead. Blessings, Dave Dave Harrisburg, Pa
I am truly saddened to hear of Kate's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Be strong and God Bless.. Rob Fisher Georgetown, Ontartio Canada
Marshall & Family,

I am so sorry to hear about Kate, she was a beautiful person, you and your family will continue to be in our prayers.

Kim Bancroft
Kim Bancroft Powell, TX
I am so sorry for your loss. Kathie was a part of our family since she & Linda first met in grade school. She was my other "little sister". She brought so much laughter and happiness when she was around. She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her but she will remain in our hearts. Carol Hanchar Wilkesboro, NC
Kate was my dearest friend back in the early 1980s.We worked together at Sibleys, watched Dynasty together every week eating Kate's homemade pizza. Kate was in my wedding and the first person I told when I was expecting my first child...(actually, she told me)...she sensed it, we were that close. My heart goes out to all of you.
Kate...Thank you for being You.
Val Popp Frum Rochester, NY
To Marshall and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am very sorry to hear this news and I will miss her in a very big way. She was a very special person in so many ways.

DONALD DEA Plano TX 75023
Those of us who had the pleasure of having known Kate growing up (known to her childhood friends as Kathy) are forever grateful. There are few in this world with the zest for life she possessed. She will be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Deb (Young) P USA, California, Malibu
I had the pleasure of meeting both you and Kate on the streets of Fredericksburg.. some years ago. It was obvious even then how much both of you meant to each other. I know how she inspired you work. Please let her continue to do so. We love your work and know that she wants you to continue with your wonderful gift. With great love. Kathryn Little US, SC, St. George
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Judy Tixier Dripping Springs, TX
Marshall and family. I am so sorry to hear of Kate's passing. I got an email from her not long ago and she never let on that her condition was so advanced. We were good friends back in the 80s and I have fond memories of the smile that was always on her face. Her spirit was one of a kind, She will be deeply missed by all those lives that she touched. It was an honor for me to be able to make the wedding bands for her and Marshall. Jeff Walker Pittsford NY

I am saddened to hear of your loss and I in this time offer my prayers to you and your family.
Kathy, was a very special friend in high school
and I will always cherish her friendship and fondly remember her wit, humor and love.
Murray Wigste Hancock NH
Hi, Marshall. I'm a friend of Kathy's brother, Bill. Truth be known, many of us were Bill's friend so we could be around Kathy. She was a beautiful girl and became a beautiful woman. More importantly, she was a beautiful person. She had a way about her, a confidence and self assuredness that I suspect was a result of her intelligence and kindness. You are a lucky man to have been able to have had her by your side for so long. Her children are fortunate to have had such a great person for a mom. I’m sure you€™re not feeling too lucky or fortunate at present, but I sincerely hope that your many fond memories will buoy you through this difficult period. My sincere condolences to you, your children and family. I will say a prayer for Kate tonight. John Webster USA, NY, Ithaca
I am so sorry to hear of Kate's passing. I know she was a great inspiration for all the wonderful music that has come from Marshall and I will treasure each listening moment even more deeply in her honor. May the Lord keep you in his arms, Marshall, and give you comfort. Martie Miller Dallas, Texas
Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. You all are in our prayers.
Jeannie Cook Marble Falls, Texas
We are so saddened by this news. The several times we attended your performances in the Hill Country at some winery or restaurant, we always enjoyed visiting with you and Kate. Kate was the kind of person we felt a rapport with instantly. Knowing her even so casually as "fans" was an honor. Her love for you, Marshall, was visible to all. May God draw you close in this time. Phil Brown Austin
Dear Stylers~
With heavy heart I write as I just heard of Kate passing. Heaven has welcomed a courageous who enthusiastically met every day with a smile. We were blessed to be her and your neighbors. Marvel as the Lord gently and tenderly carries you through these days. Bless you all.
~Justin & Kara Armes
Justin & Kara Fredericksburg TX

We are so sorry to hear about Kate's passing. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. I wish we had seen her more often. Kate was a joy to have known. I hope she's free of all her pain now. She'll be with you always.

Much love,
Tom and Sonia
Tom and Soni Austin, TX
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sue Carlin
(formerly from Livonia, NY)
Sue Carlin Baltimore, MD
I was so sorry to receive the email about Kate. I met her briefly 11 years ago while listening to Marshall play outside one of the shops on Main St. in Fredericksburg, which is when I bought my first CD of his. Beautiful music, beautiful lady. Susan Sims Irving, TX
From my family to yours our deepest condolences on the loss of your wife...Our prayers are with you and your family in this time of sorrow. God and Heaven now has another Angel.. Christopher R Perry,N.Y.
Dear marshall so sorry to hear of your loss. i can understand your sorrow as i have a sister suffering from this terrible disease. i hope your future is brighter than it is now best of luckily sure do miss your band. with all respect mike rought mike r lockwood ny
I am very saddened to hear the news about Kate. Although I never had the honor of meeting her I feel she must have been a wonderful person as I know she must have been an inspiration for all the beautiful music that you have written and performed. I'm sure she has taken your beautiful music with her to Heaven. May God comfort you and all the family at this time and bring you through it stronger than ever. God bless you all. Sharon Miller Houston, Texas
Dear Marshall and Family,
We are so saddened to hear about Kate. We just heard that she was in Hospice and certainly were not prepared for this news.

Marshall, when Dwight and I met you (almost 12 years ago) on our honeymoon in Fredericksburg, little did we know that a friendship would bloom through the years. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and Kate heard about it, she became an angel of encouragement to me. I treasured her emails and phone calls and so wish I had known sooner so that I could have been there for her as she was for me.

We will be in prayer for you and your family during this very difficult time and hope it helps knowing how much so many care and love you and Kate.

Though you can not see your dear Kate, she is not far---she is with the Lord and HE is with you--lean on Him and draw from His comfort and love.

God bless you,
Dwight and Terry Lancaster
Dwight and Te Wylie, Texas
I am very saddened to hear the news about Kate. Although I never had the honor of meeting her I feel she must have been a wonderful person as I know she must have been an inspiration for all the beautiful music that you have written and performed. I'm sure she has taken your beautiful music with her to Heaven. May God comfort you and all the family at this time and bring you through it stronger than ever. God bless you all. Sharon Miller Bellaire, Texas
Marshall, very sorry to here the news of Kate's passing. She is in a much better place now.
From my family to yours, our prayers and condolences go out to you.
Paul Robinson
Please accept our deepest sympathy on your tremendous loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Andy & Nora Webster,NY
I have just learned of Kathy's passing and my husband Stan and I extend our deepest sympathy to Marshall and his family. I knew Kathy back in Ithaca in the mid 70s and she was someone you never forgot. Her beauty, her energy, her zeal for every aspect of life. She made you feel like you were the only person in the room when she engaged you. She was generous, kind, funny, full of pranks back then, and a wonderful loyal and zany friend. We last saw her in Texas when we visited about 10 years ago, and we met her beautiful children and heard Marshall's music. She left us far too soon and I will never forget this larger than life woman who exuded joy and passion in everything she did. We wish you peace...Thanks for the good times my friend and the joy you added to my life many years ago... God Bless... Love, Hop Pam (Hopper) Barnard, Vermont
We are so sorry about Kate. We've been praying for her and we don't understand why this happened other than God must have needed a precious little angel. We will be praying for you and for your family.
God bless you.
Bob and Jean Mission, TX USA
Marshall, very sorry to here the news of Kate's passing. She is in a much better place now.
From my family to yours, our prayers and condolences go out to you.
Paul Robinson
Dearest Marshall and Family,
I am so saddened to hear of Kate's passing. The very thought of the beautiful fireshe moved thru life with remains a flame that is eternal. I am grateful to have known and been touched by Kate even so briefly. Know you all are being thought of with love and prayer for Grace to provide a healing in time. With Love, Donna
Dpnna Mentho usa
I'm so sorry to hear the news about Kate. She was so supportive of me when i was going through it with Ginger. She was a beautiful lady in many ways.
Ernie Durawa Austin
Marshall, may God's blessings and peace be with you in this terrible loss of Kate. Portie Weston Charlotte, NC
Marshall Just wanted to send my deepest sympathy to you and the family. Nt wife and I loved Duke Jupiter and were fortunate to see you in concert. My love of my life Michelle of 25 years passed suddenly on Nov 22. So my emotions run up and down and know what you are feeling My prayers are with you and know she is whole now and healthy Steve Rogers Savannah NY
Marshall, I was so sorry to hear the news of Kate. My heart goes out to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Melissa Noel Louisiana
Marshall and Family,
We are so very sorry for your loss and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
May God bless you and your family.
Ray Ward Beaumont, Texas
So very sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you during these sad times. God bless you and your family. Ron & Roberta Rochester, NY
Dear Marshall, Every time we are in Fredericksburg we listen for your music, hunger to actually see you and buy anything new that you have produced. We learned of Kate's battle several years ago and we have prayed for her and for you often over these past few years. Your music has touched our lives and the lives of many for whom we have purchased your music and given it to them. We did have the wonderful privilege of meeting Kate a few times and were always struck with her inner and outer beauty. She is live within you forever. Her spirit will always permeate your spirit and be passed on to others through additional spirit filled music you write. We send our love, prayers and sympathy in this tremendous loss. May the love of our Lord Jesus comfort you at this time in your life. George and K Houston, Texas
I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. I'm sure this is a difficult time for you. Every year I stop by your booth at the Houston Quilt Festival to see what's new. Your music has always been an inspiration to me and it gives me such a peaceful feeling and closeness to God. Knowing that Kate wanted it playing during her final hours makes it even more meaningful. What a beautiful way for her to enter into His gates with Joy. Kathy Kansier Ozark, Missouri
I am so saddened by Kate's passing, Marshall, I will really miss her. We had such a fun phone call a few months back, about exploring a new marketing tool. Her enthusiasm for life, and especially for sharing your music with the world, is an inspiration. I'll always remember our long work conversations, and how they always always always included her beloved husband and kids. My heart and prayers are with you all. In sympathy, B. Beth Hilton Los Angeles, CA
God bless you and yours! My hope is that the stress of this time will subside and the wonderful memories that you have will surface in full force. sally hinojosa Bella VIsta,AR
I am so very sorry to hear of Kate's passing. It is a very painful loss to bear, but she knows how much she was loved in this life. May it give you some comfort to know that she walks with the angels. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Debbie Rust Manchaca Texas
Marshall, we are heartbroken to hear of Kate. You are both such beautiful and special people. God Bless you and your daughter and get peace knowing Kate is no longer suffering. She will be with you forever... Susan Benbrook, TX
I was deeply saddened by the loss of Kate in this world, but I know she is now in Heaven where the rest of us are looking to be in the near future (I'm old).My deepest sympathies to you Marshall and your children and the rest of your family. My prayers have always been for you to have peace of mind and a gentling of the spirit (just like your music does for me).I listen to your music all the time and it now has more meaning because I've always been able to hear your love for her in your music. God Bless and Watch Over You and Your Family.. but also know that Kate is now in Heaven where she doesn't have to suffer the pains of cancer. Leon Kenton Ohio
Marshall, we're so sorry to hear of Kate's passing. The last time we saw you in Fredericksburg (mid October) we could sense something "not quite right" with you, and then shortly after got the update on Kate's treatment. We pray for God's peace and comfort for you and your children during this time. And while we know that Kate was much of your inspiration, we pray that you will continue to create and produce more wonderful music in the years to come. God's blessings to you! Julie & Dave J Lago Vista, TX
Marshall, Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Know that your dear wife will always be remembered whenever your music is played. dave and Coll Geneva,NY

We're so sorry to hear of Kate's passing. The last time we saw you in Fredericksburg (mid October) we could sense something "not quite right" with you, and then shortly after got the update on Kate's treatment. We pray for God's peace and comfort for you and your children during this time. And while we know that Kate was much of your inspiration, we pray that you will continue to create and produce more wonderful music in the years to come. God's blessings to you!
Julie & Dave J Lago Vista, TX
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife, Kate. My heart goes out to you and your family and my prayers are with you all. She was an amazing woman and she was so beautiful both inside and out with such a giving spirit. Our world will not be the same without her in it. Rhonda Marion, TX
The most appropriate music at this point is your album A Face in the Clouds. The music and the message is about everlasting love and I know that you and Kate had that for each other, and it is expressed in your music on this album. May God Bless You and Your Family. Leon Kenton Ohio

So sorry to hear about Kate. Words are inadequate vehicles at times like this, but please know that you are in my thoughts. (I still smile when I think back to Camp Wally.)
Andy Smith Providence, R.I.
Dear Marshall,The world is such a better place because of Kate. Sheas always been one of my favorite people. Such an unwavering spirit and light - she was and will remain an enormous inspiration to me. Her infectious joy and tenacity for life will continue and will always be heard in your music. I know I am one of a very long list of people she touched deeply.
My love to you and your family and my prayers are with you all.
Kathleen Mon Seattle, WA
Dear Marshall,
I did not know Kate, but as an inspiration for your music she was clearly a truly beautiful and courageous person. I hope that your cherished memories will bring you comfort.
Linda Varda Seattle
Dearest Marshall, Nichols, & Ally,We are so very sorry for the loss of Kate. Our expression of loss could never do justice for your great loss and never ending empties. With faith in OUR GOOD LORD and knowing she is not hurting and in peace, we can continue on.
We have kept up with your family thru Oscar, Tina, Ally and Reyna, and we will continue to do so. Our prayers are with you always. Love,Jimmy and Bea Valdez
Jimmy & Bea Austin, TX
I am so sorry to her about the loss of your precious wife. My family and I are praying that God will bring great comfort to you during this time. When I her of your loss I immediately thought of an old proverb. "Out of life's great storms comes the world's most beautiful music." God bless you.
Dr. Marlin Lan Conroe, Texas USA
Dear Marshall and family,
I was shocked and saddened to learn of Kathy's passing. Kathy and I grew up together and lived only a block apart. It was a short trip between our houses when we cut through the neighbors yard- which we always did. We spent many over-nights with each other and hours together doing things that active, young girls do. We had fun. I'll never forget how Kathy used to pinch my (and all our friends') cheeks - like your grandmother would do- when we hadn't seen each other for awhile. She was such a kick, and a great, fun-loving, kind person. I know she will be missed, and for that I'm so sorry, but I'm certain she left many, many memories to savor.
Betsy Keller Ithaca, NY
Dear Marshall, Nick and Ally,
There are no words to describe the sadness our family is feeling.
We love you -
Anne, Barry, Sean and Nicole
The Bradleys Fredericksburg, TX
May our prayers help to comfort your family during this sad time. Kathy is well remembered by her "old" Ithaca classmates as always having a wonderful smile & vibrant personality. and good friend. Mary (Larkin) Homosassa, FL
dear marshall talked to your mom yesterday and was told of your loss. my prays are with you and your family. i know kate and you have a special bond and always well. your music is so beautiful just like yours and Kate's love for each other. i know Kate's body is not with us now but her soul and heart well always be with you in what you do in life. Like your music every note well give you peace when you play knowing she is there to guide you and believe she well be right by your side. my prays and love well be with you and your family GOD BLESS AND MAY HE SHOW YOU THE WAY ..with your ANGEL love Patti Pfuntner pattipfuntner fairfax va.
Dear Marshall and children, I am so very sorry to hear of Kathy's passing...she was a dear high school friend whom I loved seeing at reunions as the years wore on. She never failed to spark laughter and joy whenever we met; she was truly one of a kind and so very beautiful in so many ways. She introduced me to your music at one reunion and I've played it ever since. She spoke so lovingly of her kids; I have no doubt she was a wonderful mother. I will miss her and I will be praying for all of you as we grieve together. Laura Laura (Call) A Ithaca, NY
Marshall, Nick and Ally -

I worked in the front office at Bailey and heard today that Kate had passed away. I loved Kate. What a beautiful, gracious lady. We always loved to see her come in - which was not that often because she was busy!But she always had time to chat. She brought several of your CDs, Marshall, when my parents were in a car accident and my mother was in a coma. My father played them in my mother's hospital room continuously and also in her rehab, then when she finally came home. They continue to play the CDs that Kate gave them, today. We loved Ally and Nick at school, too. What a beautiful family you are. I will be praying for you and knowing that Kate is in Heaven.
Love, Tami Cravatt
Tami Cravatt Austin, Texas
i would like to send my condolences to all of Kates family and friendship was a beautiful woman and i'm sorry i lost touch with her over the years. As the owner of a couple of small businesses back in the 80's she helped me promote them as much as anyone possibly could can see her smiling face even nowise will always remember her as a positive,upbeat person and my heart goes out to you! jim stirling Rochester new york
It has been along time but I can still hear your music in my ear. I remember as a little girl I would go with my mom BJ and be apart of all the fun and I remember sweet little Nicholas running around. Well I will help in any way I can and evern though I have not see yall in year you still have a place in my heart!

With love Christa
christa wesley austin
Dear Mr. Styler, My heart was very heavy when I heard the news about your beautiful wife. My daughter Nicole was on Silver Stars with Ally, and I got to know Kate well during the Silver Stars trip to New York City. After that, I was always so happy to see her beautiful smile at all the Silver Stars events. She definitely had a knack for making her friends and acquaintances feel very special. She was one of those people who you remember all of your life because of their vibrant personality. One of the first conversations we had was about your music -- how wonderful it was and how proud she was of her husband's accomplishments. As I looked through your website, I was struck by the title of one of your songs -- South Austin Train 4am, and how you said you always loved that sound. I have been hearing that sound for many, many years and always loved it, too. Now when I hear it I will think of your lovely Kate and say a prayer for her in Heaven. I will be at the service tomorrow to pay my respects and my deepest sympathies go out to you and your children. Kitty Curra Austin, TX
Dear Marshall and kids,
We always enjoyed seeing you in Fredericksburg, but I knew Kate best from telephone conversations. We are so saddened to hear of your loss. I don't know why some battles with breast cancer can't be won, but she gave it her all.
We send our love, prayers and sympathy during this time of tremendous loss. May the love of our Lord Jesus Christ comfort you and continue to inspire you. Jonathan and Carol Baethge
Jonathan and Fredericksburg, Texas
Dear Marshall, I am so very sorry to hear about Kate. I was a neighbor of yours on Spearson Lane many moons ago. I remember Kate as being so sweet and vivacious. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. God Bless you. Teri Dye (Joy) Austin
Dear Marsh and family,
Your Kate was a beautiful lady who touched many lives. Her smile lives on in your two beautiful children. Cherish the memories of Kate as should would want. God's Blessings to all of you. (Cousin) Maggie
Margaret and Dansville, NY

My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about Kate's passing. She was always so gracious when we talked. Her smile lite up the room. May God ease your heartache and guide you through this most difficult time. Kate's music will always be with you.
Linda Tschider US, Avon, NY
Marshall, Nick, Ali, & Bill
Kate was a beautiful person. She was truly an angel on Earth. She was so full of life, and she always brought the best out of people. I will never forget the 2 years we spent together in Rochester during my college days. She had a big impact on my life then. Although she was my cousin, I thought of her like a sister. I will miss her very much, as my heart is heavy. Now she is an angel in Heaven.

Love Darren
Darren Hadda Frankfort, NY
Hello, Marshall--I went to Greece Olympia with you, where you were friends with my sister Maureen. Years later, I worked with Kate at City Newspaper. She really did light up a room when she walked (or would it be "breezed") into it. I know she found much peace and happiness when she met and married you. I am so sorry she had to leave us so soon. Sue Farrell Rochester, NY
Marshall,Nick and Ally,
I am disappointed that will not be at the service tomorrow to celebrate Kate's life. She was an amazing wife, mother, woman and friend. Never worrying about herself and only others. I will cherish our phone conversations when we would literally be laughing with tears. My last phone conversation with her last in November, ended in such a way.

Having lost my mother (my best friend), 3 years ago, take comfort that her spirit will ALWAYS be there in times of grief and in times of joy. Call on her, she will be there.....That's exactly how she would want it.

Her memorial will be a celebration of life, which she lived to it's fulliest. She will be missed.

Much love and prayers, Chris Bowe
Christina B Rochester, NY
Dear Marshall & family~
I am sending you hugs and warm thoughts of love and care at your loss of your beautiful Kate. She was such a radiant person and divine spark with that big Smile and large heart of hers!She also is a continuing-inspiration to us all. I was honored to know her and you & your beautiful family and enjoy those wonderful evenings at your many musical venues; and laugh, and smile, and share stories as the evenings lingered. Thank you for sharing your lives and music with us. You both are a continued blessing! Much love, Kathleen
Kathleen Har Austin,Texas
Our dearest Kate...
was so dynamic and real, sensitive, brilliant, young at heart, tender, and energetic.

I remember Kate would literally accomplish in a few days what it would take most people weeks to do. And she would always do it well ~ with persistence, power, and grace. She loved everyone and this gave her entrance to our hearts. She listened well, ~ even when she was overflowing with ideas. Kate was beautiful and contagious. And we were all so lucky to have shared moments in your lives together.

Kate had a light in her I couldn’t miss. It’s brilliance played out in her eyes and laughter, support, faith, strength, and her love for Marshall... the children, and all her family and friends. I will never forget how she greeted me EVERY time we met in person or on the phone. It was always “ I’ve missed you so much and I love you”.

Dear Kate, I am so grateful to have shared the blessing of you. I will always remember your Magnificence! Thank you for the love....

Marshall, Nick, and Ally, I will hold your hearts and send you light to heal. Please know you may call me anytime for loving support. And know Kate stays close to you always...
Patti Polinard Austin TX
Dear Marsh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I just looked at the photo presentation of you and your beautiful family. I'm sure they have given you and Kate much comfort and happiness over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Maureen Farre Orlando
Dear Marshall:
I have such fun memories of Kate coming in our wine shop on Saturday afternoons in Fredericksburg. Rick and I send you our love and prayers.
Chérie Cudà Fredericksburg, TX
Dearest Marshall,
My prayers will be with you and your family in the next few months as you sort through the sadness and the changes. Your lovely wife touched my life for the better. Kate took me into her heart so easily; I fell in love with her. Thank you for putting Kate's picture on the website. I was able to share her radiance with my friends on Facebook via your link. They too may be able to sense the love of life that she conveyed. May your heart feel peace in revisiting memories within your inner sanctuary. Anneliese
Anneliese Ros USA, Austin, TX
Marshall, what a very sad way to reconnect with an old acquaintance from Greece Olympia. Joanne has given us all a link to your web page and it is a loving tribute to your relationship with a beautiful wife. I will hold you and your family in our prayers and will definitely be buying CDs. I sure was pleased to know you are still bent over that piano. Only time can make a difference but that family looks like they have great hugs. Sandy Sandy Bixby B Polk City, Florida
Dear Marshall and family, we are so sorry to hear of Kate's passing - we heard from our friend Lynn in Texas We met a while ago when we lived in Austin. Your music is beautiful, we own some of your CDs. Every time we play the music, we will think of dear Kate. We are praying for you. The Wojtisek Family (Joe, Liz, Tricia, Jenna) Liz Wojtisek Martin County, Florida
Dear Marshall & Family,
I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife,mother,business partner and friend to many abroad. I first met Kate years ago while purchasing your earlier CDs (online). She was ever so polite,professional and treated myself with the utmost respect. I love everything Marshall has ever done and know his heart bleeds at this sad time. My Thouhts & Prayers are with the Styler family. Chip Ryle, St. Maries,Idaho
Chip Ryle St. Maries,Idaho USA
Marshall Styler,

My son and daughter-in-law live in Austin, Texas, and we have been visiting there for many, many years. Our journey has often taken us to Fredericksburg (which we love) and have listened to and bought many of your CDs and introduced ourselves to you on each occasion. We have never had the pleasure of meeting Kate, but know she was your inspiration and your music will always be inspired by her love and devotion.

Jean & Roy Th Charlotte, North Carolina
Dear Marshall, I am so sorry so hear of the passing of your beautiful wife . My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. always, Vick vicky lee crost usa, Rochester, new york
Dear Marshall, You've made so many friends all over the country through your wonderful music and personality. I just wanted to express how sorry I was to learn of the passing of your wife--her spirit shines through her picture. May it give you comfort in the days ahead. Joanne (Dunc Bloomfield, NY (Rochester)
Marshall - I once met you and and Kate in Fredericksberg. It was there I fell in love with your music. You and Kate made me feel like your friends - even though we only briefly visited. That encounter and your music have stayed with me for many years. I pray you will allow God to comfort you during this trying time. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Grace and peace to you. Robin Dallas, TX
Dear Marshall, I can't believe such a wonderful Friend and Mother has passed away. I'm not able to express how i feel. But i feel with/for you my Friend. We all know how great she was. I will carry Kate always in my Heart. I'm so sorry.

Love Harry
Harry Blome Germany
Trey and I want to express our condolences to you and your family. Kates enthusiasm and hope in life were always a blessing to us.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Lynne and Tre Fredericksburg, Texas
Dear Marshall and children,

I am so sorry to learn of Kathy's passing. I attended high school with Kathy in Ithaca. Her electric smile and enthusiastic spirit will always be remembered. May God be with you to give you strength at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Lynne (Ripple) Irving, Texas
Marshall & Family -
May you feel the presence of the Lord in your daily lives. I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your wife. She had fought the good fight ... and, the song I love ......... is the one that says one day soon we will all be together again ..... and, then when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be!
Marshall I enjoy so very much your CDs. Please know when your CD plays will whisper a prayer for you.
Nelda Davis Arlington, TX USA

My heart breaks for you and your family. You and I share grief for those who kept us whole, supported us, motivated us, and dealt with their illness with bravery, class, and dignity. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and the children constantly.

God Bless,

Mark R. Seitz
Mark Seitz Fredericksburg
Miles, thank you for the amazing video of your beautiful Mom, she was so proud of you and your sister. Thanks for sharing the lovely ceremony with us all, too. Beth Hilton Los Angeles, CA
Dear Marshall, Nick, Miles and family,
I was heartsick to hear of Kate's passing. She was a lovely lady and will be missed by all. The family of vendors at Canton all loved her and we are praying for your entire family at this time. Blessings, prayers, and peace.
Renee Baker Texas
Marshall, I am so sorry for your loss. I only spoke with Kate on the phone on several occasions and was so impressed with her. I am saddened by her loss and will pray for you and your family. She is with God now and i am sure she is having a wonderful time in his house. I put together a photo slideshow and posted it on youtube in memory of Kate and because you both are special people. I will email you the link. Best regards, Kirk Robinson. Kirk Robinson Weatherford, Texas
:( So sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family.
Jimmi St. James, "Flashback"
Dallas, Texas
Jimmi St. Jma Dallas,Texas
I am sorry for your loss. I watched the videos, and I know that Kate (in heaven) is proud of her wonderful family and how happy you were.
My wife and my baby want to send you many blessings for your family.
And please continue giving us your great music!!
Jeamy Baena Itagüi, Colombia
My wife and I were visiting Fredericksburg to attend a wedding. We were walking by a drugstore on the main drag and heard Marshall's music. Kate was just inside the door and we chatted for a while... she was not only a beautiful woman on the outside, but a beautiful woman on the inside as well. We bought 3 albums to bring back to north Texas. I now own all of Marshall's CDs and I really enjoy watching Dreamscape as well. Marshall, my prayers and thoughts for you and your family with the loss of Kate, but I know she is in a beautiful place, even more so than the Hill Country. Your music is heavenly and that is where Kate is, just waiting for you to join her (but not any time too soon, please).So many people are blessed by your music, and by knowing Kate... and we just had about 10 minutes of her time that day. May God continue to bless and watch over you and your family. :D Leon Kenton Ohio
My you have the comfort of your memories and see the legacy of your wife carried on within your children. what a blessing.
Cindy San Antonio
Dear Marshall and family,
There are no words to express my sadness for your loss. I spoke many times to Kate on the phone and she seemed to have such a gracious and loving spirit. Her pride "shone" through for you and your children with such conviction, even on our first conversation. I instantly felt a warm and gentle connection to your family. Kate sent me several of your CDs. for an Acoustic/New Age show I am putting together and I have shared your music with several of my broadcasting colleagues. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers with gratitude for your beautiful talent!
J.J. Austin Boston, Mass
I am very sorry about your loss and can easily see that she was a wonderful person from the smiles that seem to surround her in all the pictures. I wish the best to you and your family and may God Bless.

I was looking for some Duke Jupiter info and discovered all this, and it saddens me. Especially knowing how much I enjoy your music and then to know you were in Austin as I lived there as a Navy Recruiter from 1996-2000.
Paul Bowers Yokosuka, Japan
Dear Marshall,
I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Kate's passing, especially having not been aware of her illness until toward the end. I had only met her one time when my husband (since deceased) and I were in Fredericksburg in December 2001. I distinctly remember walking down the sidewalk and while passing some type of store, with a lovely woman standing by the door with a smile on her face, I heard this beautiful music coming from within the store. I kept walking, but had to stop and go back and ask what was that beautiful sound I was hearing. This lovely lady very pleasantly and graciously showed me three of your CDs. But I, being doubtful that I might take them all back home to Ohio and not like them (sorry, I was so wrong!!!), decided to be "cautious" and only purchase one which was "Red River Crossing". Of course, once I listened to it I fell in love with it. Months later I sent an email to you to tell you how much I absolutely loved my "one" CD. I received a very gracious reply back from Kate and that is when I realized she was the lady outside of that store in Texas For all these years I have thought of her on several occasions and how kind she was to me, and I knew you thought the world of her by the wording inside of your CD which stated "The trilogy is dedicated to my wife, Kate, who has the gift of making anything possible." Please know that I have played your music when I have people over for dinner, and have listened to it so so many nights over the years while lying in bed at night. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time.
Sandy Youngstown, Ohio
Just a customer, but current breast cancer patient/survivor. Please know of prayers and care. I'm so sad this horrible disease comes into our lives--and pray it will end soon!
Kathy Ozenbe League City Texas
What a beautiful memory to hold in your hearts forever! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. A loyal fan forever!
Jane Austin
Jane AUstin Nacogdoches, Texas
How beautiful Kate was! How beautiful she still is. I am certain Heaven is an even more lovely place now that she is there. What a loving tribute in photos and releasing the doves you shared with everyone online. Thank you! I had no idea she had endured such a long battle over the years. Her smile seemed to light up the screen as I listened to your music and watched as each new photo came in to view. How much she will be missed. But to know we will have Heaven as our eternal hometoo makes each day a small bit more bearable when we suffer a great loss. Please continue playing your music. How it blesses me!I know your sweet Kate wouldn't want you to quit. She can hear it in Heaven I am sure. Your children are both beautiful and handsome. May God bless and strengthen each of you. Jan Marcum Kerrville TX
Marshall, thank you so much for sharing the dove release with us. She must have been a wonderful person.
I love your music and she must have been what inspired you.
May the memories you two shared and the knowledge that others care comfort you in your time of need.
Judy Cornett Houston, Texas
Thank you Marshall for letting me know of Kates passing. I met her once with you in Fredericksburg..,she asked me if I wanted you to sign my new C.D. I was buying that day(Inow have all of them) She was so sweet and could see that she was so proud of you and your music. I was also privileged to have met your daughter at another date there in Fredericksburg.. My thoughts and prayers have been with you both. God Bless ,and play your beautiful music for Kate and your fans. Mary Christian San Angelo,Tex.

First I must say I was very saddened by the passing of Kate. My husband and I spoke with you briefly in Fredericks right before Christmas and I was asking about Kate. I never had the chance to meet her in person, but talking to her on the phone was such a inspiration. Her voice was alway uplifting and she was just one great lady.

I hope that you will carry on with your beautiful music, as Kate would want you to do. We have thought of you so often, we love your music, it is the most soothing music I have ever listened to. When I was in business I loved playing it, but I always loved calling Kate and we would visit on the phone for and hour and had never met. Take care and know that your family is in our thoughts.

Brenda Strickl Tolar, TX
Dear Mr Styer I was so sorry to hear of your loss, your beautiful music has brought so much to my life in my time of need for my family, I only hope that you will music to help you thru yours, my prayers are with you and your family wendy mistry irving, Texas
Dear Marshall and Family,
Richard and I send our sincere sympathies to you. We were deeply saddened to learn of the loss of the lovely and grace-filled Kate. She lives on, however, in the peaceful Styler compositions that soothe the soul and bring recollections of our beloved. Thank you for allowing us to express our love and sympathy. Our hearts go out to you ~
Ruthie Hallettsville, Texas
Mr. Styler, Our condolences on the passing of your wonderful wife, Kate. Our family, along with my mother met both of you in Fredericksburg.. several years ago. My mother Inge R. Jackson was very impressed with your music. She passed away Feb. 9th of this year. We played the music from your cd Red River Crossing before and after the service, to honor her. What a blessing your music was at the time. Thank you again. God Bless Andrew Temple, TX
Marshall...your music has been such a gift in my life. I did not know your background until reading the Austin paper article. Kate must have been a very special lady. She answered my emails even though she did not know me. I am saddened that she is no longer at your side. Hopefully this year my husband and I will have the joy of hearing you play in person either in Fredericksburg.. or Austin. All your music is deeply moving. A Face in the Clouds is my favorite. Please keep composing and playing your beautiful music. I heard that Heaven even has music notes that we have never heard here on earth. May our Heavenly Father give you peace and comfort as you continue your journey without Kate.
Eileen Katy, Texas
Hi Marshall, I logged onto your website to thank you for the beautiful CDs that you left for me at The Well Within in Santa Cruz. I truly love the melodies and serenity of Red River Crossing and so does my newborn baby!!I am sorry to here of the passing of your beloved wife and now I know where your deep sorrow has come from. I think you will regain joy as time passes. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
warmly, Robin Kannan LMT
Robin Kannan Santa Cruz CA
So sorry for your loss. As I look forward this summer to having been married to my bride for 50 years, I can't imagine your pain. As I sat outside of a store in Fredericksburg.. today, they started playing one of your CDs. and it struck a cord with me. I have a granddaughter who is turning 16 in a few days and many times I've sat and listened as she played similar music. I've inquired what the piece was and she would tell me that she just made it up. She says it just comes to her and she plays it. Even when I would ask her to play it again, she could do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us all and I hope that you will continue to be inspired and share this wonderful music with us. James Katy, TX
Marshall, I happened today to google"Duke Jupiters " website......abit nostalgic I guess. My sincere condolences to you and your family on the passing of your wife, Kate. May God bless you all with peace!
However, I will introduce myself as your probably wondering who Iam..... I work for the Dentist that you use to come to.....Dr. Robert F. Chapman over on Elmwood Ave. in Rochester NY...... It has been many years, I believe back in the late eightys or early ninetys that we last saw you as our patient.
I wish you and your family many blessings as you continue to take one day at a time..........Sincerely,Gail Tysall
Gail S. Tysall Rochester N Y 14620
Dear Mr. Styler, I am so very sorry for your loss of Katherine. I am truly sorry I didn't know and apologize for the amazon inquiry. Please do not rush and when you can I will give the CDs as gifts at a later date. Today is my late husband Jim's birthday he would have be 54, I lost him 10 years ago and am truly sorry for your loss. I hope your family & friends will help you through this. You will remain in my prayers, May God Bless you & keep you in his care. With Sympathy, Dena Dena Craig 149 E Cermak Road Braidwood, Il 60408
Marshall, may the poet's touch be a balm to ease your pain. works/poems/ Leavenworth
(remove space before Lenorea)

You have been in my prayers as often as your music has been a balm to me.
Chuck Longview, Texas
Marshall:Ellen and I were in Austin a few days ago for just a couple of hours and decided to visit the Pecan Street Fair. As luck would have it, we heard the music from your booth and met your terrific son. We were so taken by the exquisite beauty of your music that we quickly purchased a CD and DVD. The CD has been a constant companion in my car. After taking a look at your website and realizing the loss of your beautiful and extraordinary partner in life, Kate, we simply wanted to offer our heartfelt sympathy. We were riveted by the magnificent video put together by your son and felt that we could appreciate the wonderful person she was in life although we did not have the pleasure of knowing Kate. Thank you for your gift of music and for the hope it brings to so many.
We hope to have the good fortune to meet you on a future trip to Austin. With every good wish to your family and you always, we are Sincerely yours, Ellen and Lewis Kandinsky
Lewis Krinsky Houston, Texas
Marshall,I purchased you DVD/CD collection on my last trip to Canton. It has been a true blessing in my home. My husband passed away in March 2009, and when I read that you had lost your beautiful wife, my heart went out to you. Keep making music and using the awesome talent that God has given you. It ministers to my heart and adds an element of peace to my home. Many others must feel the same. May God bless you. Ann Moore USA,Longview, Texas
Dear Marshall,Thank you for sending A Face In The Clouds and for the nice note that came with it. My parents had been pestering me to order your music for them ever since they heard it for the first time in the Welcome Center across from the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg. Wishing you much more musical inspiration in the days ahead,Stephen Watts Stephen Watts Houston, TX
Marshall, thank you so much for sending the CDs of your music to us, the new owners of your home. We love the house and hope to make as much great music and as many wonderful memories as you had here. Brian is also a musician and the minute he walked in the door, we both knew this was the right house. The sense of it being right was so palpable - the music is still here in many ways. If you are still performing, we'd love to come out to Fredericksburg and meet you. Celia and Bria Austin, TX
Marshall, I just visited your site for the first time in years, and was so very saddened to see the news about your wife. I lost my husband 9 years ago when he was 40 and I was 38, and it was while I was grieving that I first discovered your music. There was something in it that finally touched something in me that helped me really grieve the way I needed to, and I bought it all and played it non-stop for months, maybe years. Even now if my children heard it, they would be able to tell you that it was what I listened to "after Daddy died."My deepest sympathy goes out to you. Thank you for your beautiful music.
Mary Churchm Frankfort, KY
Marshall, you remain in my prayers. I know your music is a balm for the soul. I hope you will let it soothe yours, as well. Margaret Houston, TX
Marshall, so very sorry to hear about Kate. She was such a wonderful soul and so kind to everyone. I pray your music will comfort you and your family in your time of sorrow. Your music continues to heal me, inspire me, and touch the very essence of me. I will truly miss corresponding with your Kate. Take comfort in your memories. God bless and keep you and your family! Azzie Miller Clarkesville, GA
Marshall, I am saddened by your loss.

I visited your website today because your music has touched me in many ways--and I was in need of music fix after a journey of the heart to visit a 90 year old friend in Germany.

Thank you for sharing your talent with so many of us.
Carolyn Parrot USA, Carmel, IN
Marshall, We miss you at Omni Austin Hotel Downtown. I have subscribed to your Music on Pandora, so you keep getting the royalties every time I listen. And I listen a lot!

Whatever you're doing now, I wish you Godspeed.

Bernie Evans Austin, TX
Hi Marshall - Just checking in to say hello and see how you're doing. Diane & I will be in Corpus in a few weeks for another conference but won't be able to make it to Austin this time as we're leaving for Europe right afterwards. We still enjoy your music every night as our bedtime lullaby. I hope you will be working on a new album soon. Listening to music is good therapy -- and making music is even better... Best, Mike & Diane Mike & Diane New Orleans
Marshall, I am so very sorry to learn of Kate's passing. I have been a fan of your music for years and actually purchased my first CD from you in Fredericksburg. I went on your website today to send it to my friend in Idaho and learned of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...May God Bless you all.

Linda dufour Austin,TX
The beauty of your music has impressed me deeply. I wrote you years ago and you were gracious enough to share some of your recording insights. I really like your "Style".Could you email me please at with reply to you begin things, do you lay the pad trax first, then {piano} melody?Seems like that would be the logical path.

Thanks, and God Bless You!

Scott Anderson
Houston, TX
Scott Anderso Houston
Listening to "Silent Night" today at the spa. Thank you for all the wonderful music Donna Fbg, TX
Marshall, may God Bless you and your family. Your songs are wonderful. They can calm a broken heart. They are inspiring and releaving. :) Allan Kilevo Winchester, VA
I first got to hear Marshall's beautiful music in May 2005 when my wife, Maree, and I spent some time in Texas and we visited Fredericksburg. We found the 'Trilogy' CDs. in a small shop in the centre of town and loved them so much, we bought all 3.We also bought 'Silent Night' and his music gives us so much pleasure and fond memories of our visit. I will go on line and buy more of his CDs. Ken Webster Buckingham, England
I had no idea, when writing my first 'guestbook' entry that Mrs Styler had passed away. I hope my message did not seem insensitive and I am truly sorry to hear of your sad loss. I am sure this time of year brings many mixed feelings and I can empathize to a degree as my brother passed away on New Year's day this year.

I hope you don't mind me sharing a wonderful message that my mother left for us, her family, when she passed away in August 2009.

She wrote as follows:

"Goodbye my family, my time has passed,
I loved you all to the very last.
Weep not for me, but courage take,
Love each other for my sake.
Those you love don't go away,
They walk beside you every day."

I hope you find some comfort in those words as we certainly did, and still do.

Much love and, to quote an Abba title, Thank you for the Music.

Ken Webster
Ken Webster Buckingham, England

Sorry to read about your lovely wife- my heart certainly goes to you. I have heard samples of your music and specially one of my friends who sent me your video of white/color images with beautiful piece of melody that I was instantly taken in for. Please email me when you get a chance at I am a film producer would like to talk to you on the phone regarding film projects that I work on.. thanks
Dr. Paul Mahaj Ontario, CA
So sorry to hear about your wife. My prayers and thoughts are with you. May God give you peace.

I heard your music for the first time today. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Danialle Polson, MT
:DI check back on occasion just to see how your music is enjoyed by so many others. I sure do miss Texas, and especially when I listen to your music. I now own 2 full sets of CDs plus some singles that we got before your sets were available. I have one set for my office area, one set for our vehicles when we travel, and when the weather is nice, I take them in my little Honda and drive the back country roads up here.. your music and the country side just fit together. I will be happy once I can return to Texas, but we are still taking care of my wife's mother. As I'm listening to your music now, I still remember the first time we became aware of your music in Fredericksburg and got to meet Kate for about 10 minutes. My thoughts and prayers still go out to you and your family, just as I feel blessed to be able to listen to your music up here. Leon Kenton Ohio
Marshall, your music has blessed and graced our home like no other. There is music, then there is good music, then, best of all, there is "Marshall Styler's music".The layered depth of blending you add to your compositions is unmatched. We have enjoyed your music for at least 10 years now and look forward to adding "Seven Falls" CD to our collection.
Stay inspired by the loving memories of Kate. God Bless You Marshall. You are a very special man. We hope to see you in Dallas soon.
Gary and Dottie
Gary & Dottie Allen, TX (Dallas area)

I "discovered" your music while listening to Pandora internet radio. As a result I purchased the "Jericho" CD and I can't stop listening to it. It is moving, brings out many emotions and I am promoting it to everyone who will listen!Can't wait to catch up with all of your other CDs. Your music is inspiring!Keep it coming.
Bill Cleveland, Ohio
Marshall, I'm glad to receive a notice you're still performing. I've followed your career since your Duke Jupiter days, and have every album. I was fortunate to see you perform in Denver and a couple times in Oklahoma City when you were performing with Otis Watson. I remember sharing a couple drinks with you then. It was truly a thrill for me. I'm sad to say I don't live close enough to the Austin area to come listen to you personally. But hopefully in the near future I'll be in the area and can once again be graced with the wonderful sounds you create. Randy Welch USA, OK, Oklahoma City
Have heard Marshall's music for the first time. WOW is the only way to describe what I've
heard. Why don't we know Marshall in the UK. You should tap this market.
Des McGuire Tendring Essex UK
Love the CD Jerico. The family and I were on the river walk in San Antonio Texas and were in an antique store and it was playing. I ask the clerk who it was and he told me, and I bought the CD from the antique store. That was the most relaxing ride home we ever had. brad forney texas
:Dalthough it is really difficult to pick just one song or one album that I can claim as my favorite, Ballad of Brenham Road is one that I really enjoy while driving the country roads up here.Our weather is still quite cool for this late in April (this morning it was 37, felt like 27) but your music makes things much easier to take.I still miss Texas and am looking forward to the day we can get back "home".Marshall, thanks so much for your music. Leon Kenton Ohio
Hi Marshall!I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much your music has meant to me over the years.When I'm stressed and need to escape, your music is where I go.I was so sad that you didn't have a booth at Canton last year.I always stop by to get the latest news and see your son (or whoever is manning the booth).I know you've had a rough time since your wife's passing and I just want you to know how much your music has comforted me and that you are a gift to hearts that need healing!!!May you find that same peace that you have given:)
Jeannie W. Garland, TX
Incredible music!!! Ballad of and Abandoned Road and Welcome Back to dreamland...AWESOME!!!! :D Richard Farrell Las Vegas, NV
Hi Marshall. I recently learned of Kate's passing. She took Pilates from me at LTF. Her determination, fortitude and zest for life inspired me. I've never known anyone like her, and I doubt I ever will again. She spoke so highly of you & her love for you & your family was apparent.
I am so sorry for your loss.


Paige Weh
Paige Austin, Tx
:DTurned 70 yesterday and as part of my birthday present to me... I listened to several of Marshall's CDs (I own all of them).Still can't wait to move back to Texas, but still hanging in with supporting my wife while she helps take care of her mom, who is now 90.No matter whether at home or in the car, I have Marshall's music with me. Leon Kenton Ohio
I was first introduced to Marshall's music ten years ago and believe we own all of his CD's and never get tired of listening to the beautiful sounds.My wife and I have fond memories of meeting him and his beautiful wife in Fredricksburg a few years ago and drank wine with his wife while we got our own little personal concert from Marshall.Without a doubt my favorite musician!!:) Tim Welsh Austin,Texas
Hello Marshall. God bless you for the beautiful music. My husband died 10 weeks ago and listening to your music, especially Twilight gives me a feeling of peace and calm. Thank you. Nancy Spring, TX
I was barely ten years old when my family went on a road trip across Texas, and we heard your music, while walking down the sidewalk, in a town I can't even remember. I do remember meeting you though, and I remember my parents purchasing the Red River Trilogy from you that day. I listened to your music my entire life after that, on road trips, camping with my family, and as I went to bed each night. The memories of some of the most beautiful moments in my life are filled with your music, and for that there are no words fitting enough. I'm 20 years old now, in college, and far away from home. I still play your music now and then, because when I do I am right back at home, with my beloved family, and I miss them a little less. I just want to thank you for everything you and your music have meant to me.
Sincerely, Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Lop US, TX, College Station
Will your music ever be available in sheet music format? I am on your e-mail list. Thanks! :D Bernice Pleasanton,Tx,USA
Hello Mr. Styler,I first heard your music while attending an arts and crafts show in Corpus Christy, TX about 1995or96 with my daughter.I searched for the source ,spoke with you,purchased a CD adn eventually tore myself away. Your music has been with me since that day.I now have all your albums and eagerly await your next.Hours of listening has not changed my love of your music born on that day almost 20 years ago.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music vision and for the vision it paints in my heart each time I hear it.You have inspired so much peace in my home. Thank You Nina McDonal USA, Ca, Rancho Cucamonga
I use to watch you play at Gilligans. I would sit at the bar and eat crab cakes. When I studied, I would always play "Camden Road." I would like you to play at my Wedding. Hope all is well. Warren McDo Austin
Marshall thank you for such beautiful music.I was introduced to your music in an email that I receive several weeks ago with music from A Face In the Clouds.Since I heard that piece I immediately had to investigate futher to see if you had more, so I did.I have ordered all your CD's and am anxiously waiting to receive them.Your music brings such joy to my heart and I hope you will continue to make more for all of us that enjoy your music so much.THANKS AGAIN!!! Cheri Bel Air, MD
Hello Marshall, I am an old fan of yours and Duke Jupiter from your many visits to Popeye's in Binghamton. I still have all the albums and loved your voice and your songs. I just checked in on the web to see where your career has taken you and was so sad to read of your beautiful wife's passing. I was moved to tears by the doves flying away at her memorial. God bless and comfort you and your family and I sincerely thank you for your gift of music in my life. I am in radio now at WINR in Binghamton and will tell my audience about your helpful new albums for the soul.

Don Giovanni
Don Giovanni Binghamton,NY
My best friend introduced me to your music when we were on a road trip in our motor homes. That was 15 years ago and I have never looked back. I listen to your music all the time and my favorite album "Red River" is always close within reach. When I am feeling stressed and think I just can't deal with things any more, I pop in one of your CD's and let it take me away. It always works! Just found out about your wife's passing and our condolencesto you and yours for your loss. God Bless you Marshall!:cry: Marianne Spring, TX
Goodbye Kathy, So sorry to be late. I remember you from the get-go. We were born 8 days apart in Ithaca, our moms were best buddies and we shared many a baby/toddler birthday. Then, at Cornell, you were the beautiful goddess. Your mom (now passed also) wrote me a wonderful letter after my father and brother died in 2005.
I am so sorry that the terrible disease that took my mom from me when I was 4, took you also. Your family sounds wonderful and I extend my deepest sympathy to them.But always know: Kathy was a Kick!!
Diane Minogue Washington DC
Just listened to one of your beautiful works and I must say you are brilliant. Thank you for the entertainment and I will review all your work. You make us elderly realize the beauty of the world.

Paul & Linda Rand
Paul Rand Bremerton, WA
Hello, Just had a friend send me via e-mail your song A Face in the Clouds. She was aware of my situation and it gave me much pleasure. I have 11 Grandchildren and soon to be 14 Great-Grandchildren. I have out lived 3 Brothers 3 Sisters. This year has been very rough with many injuries to Grandchildren . Two of these are Grandsons in the Military.
It all surfaced with an Anxiety attack that landed me in the Hospital. I know about lose and my heart aches for you.You will be in my prayers. Jerry
JerrySnortland USA Oregon Eugene
Marshall:I am SO SORRY to just learn of your loss.I had all your CD's so was not in need but tried to call to say Hi to Kate and see how you two were.It didn't ring thru so came online.I will need to order your new one.My heart and prayers go out to you.You and your music, just as your wife, are simply treasures from the Lord.
God bless you and keep you!
Robert T Egno Euless, TX
Thilled to have chatted with you this this afternoon. Will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you are getting back to your music. I hope it helps you heal the way it has helped me! Call anytime you need to talk. Peace, love and blessings to you always~
Azzie Miller USA,Clarkesville,GA
Marshall Styler,

My belated condolences unto you. I remember when we met in Austin at the Mall many years ago. I'm the Rochesterian that was stationed in Fort Hood, TX; we took a family picture together with you and lovely Kate, that I will cherish forever. I look forward to coming back to Austin to visit my daughter. I will definitely try to locate you to see if you are playing a concert. Keep pressing and God Bless You! Love Always your Rochesterian Family. The Harris'
Patrick Harris USA,Covington GA
Just listened to Face in the cClouds whilst watching a video about the blessing of colour Wonderful Anne Pink England
I bought my first CD from beautiful Kate in a courtyard in Fredriclburg years ago. Nothing hurried Kate when she was talking about you and your music - you are remaining dearly loved by that beautiful spirit that she had and her devotion to you!! I lost two precious women - my mothther and mother-in-law to the same demon disease within 15 months of each other and would lay with my mom in her bed and whisper with her while we listened to your music. Now, facing my own times of sadness, I still wrap myself in your music. Please - write again - for Kate, for you, and for all of us who care deeply about the two of you - and the blessings of your talent. Monica Baum Arlington TX

My husband Bob use to work the Dallas Market in or around 1999 and he met you there. He brought me the Mockingbird Station CD. I just want you to know that I have listened to it pretty often and I just ordered another one this last week because it finally woreout.The main reason for this email is to let you know that every time I listen to it; the presence of the Lord is so strong I cannot explain or put into words how awesome that feeling is. I know your music must come straight from His presence. The Lord has truly blessed you. Thank you.
Ruth Gonzales Roswell, NM
:DToday we got our first snowflakes, although it didn't last long.Watching the snowflakes, I had to put A Face in the Clouds CD on the machine and watch the snow and listen to your music.It seems no matter what the weather is, your music just seems to make things so much better.Thanks for your music, Marshall.I know Kate is smiling from above. Leon Ohio
After listening over and over with pure enjoyment I had to write and say thanks. I knew when we met in Houston recently that there was something very unique about you and your music. I just read your story and thank you so much for sharing your life and music with everyone.
Peace on Earth
Candice Ausb Washington
Hey man, you should make another Duke Jupiter album! Your old band is missed but not forgotten! David Sweden
:D Marshall, so glad to hear that you are going to be working on a new album. I know you will enjoy San Marcos since it is a slower pace than Austin. Thanks for keeping us fans in the know and I'm looking forward to your new album. May God continue to watch over and bless you and your family. Leon Kenton Oh
:) Hi Marshall
Just a short note to let you know I am thinking about you and yours.
I hope you have a good new year in 2013.

Hang in there. You do learn how to handle it better as time goes on.

Chuck (and in memory of Rosie)
Charles Eatley Austin, TX
I am so saddened about your wife. I share in your loss, my only son passed a few years ago, he was 28 and his name is Nick also. I saw the Duke play at least 1oo times, best band on the planet. That music is as great today as it was 30 years ago. God bless you and your family. MEL SYRACUSE
I have loved your music for my classroom for years! I ordered a new box set right before Christmas and I can't wait to hear the new CDs!! Susan South Texas
It is with mixed feelings with this post.My wife's mother passed on this morning around 130.She was 90 years old, lived a good life, and we are sorry to lose her, but this past year she's been in pain, also suffered dementia.Our memories of her will be when she was in good health, smiling, being a blessing to others.We also know she is now in a better place and will no longer be in pain and suffering.I'm playing Marshall's music because it touches my soul and gives me a sense of peace knowing "mom" is now where the angels sing. Leon Ohio
I was visiting Fredricksburg on a recent visit to TX to see my son and daughter-in-law who are serving in the Army. I passed by a lovely shop and was drawn inside to ask about the music that I was hearing. The lovely couple told me about your wonderful music and I purchased two CD's. Love them!!! The couple shared that people often purchase the rest of the CD's and that is exactly what I did today. I look forward to enjoying them. Barbara Ft. Lauderdale. FL
:?Well, it's suppose to be spring up here, right now we are 34 (feels like 21) and we have a sprinkling of snow on the ground.Our high today about 47 and then down to 27 tonight.Oh how I miss the warm weather of Texas.I have Marshall's music playing to help lighten the mood up here.I hope everyone is doing well in Texas, and my prayers to the families impacted by the West fertilizer factory explosion.I've been through West (mainly when I was a student at Baylor) and it was always a nice little town with nice people..I use to stop at the Czech Stop to get kolaches.I hope the town gets back on its feet soon. Leon Northwest Ohio
:DWe are finally seeing some sunshine.Sunday we had 8 inches of snow, a brief flurry on Monday, and now the snow is beginning to melt.This has been a very strange Spring.Since the snow is melting, the rivers will be flooding, so it's appropriate to play From The River to the Sea on the Jericho album.I hope everyone is doing fine in Texas, and I sure miss it down there.Hopefully within a year, we will be able to return to our Lone Star State, preferably east Texas.Marshall, your music is a godsend since it gets me through these winters up here. Leon Northwest Ohio
Hey Marshall, It was great to finally meet you a year ago and talk. I saw you twice back in 1983 in Youngstown Ohio. Hope all is well and I'm looking forward to your new CD and catching up with you soon. Love the Duke Jupiter Live CD. Take Care, Kevin. Kevin Austin, TX
I may have to end up calling you to both find out if your mailing address is the same and to ask you about this piece. In addition to "In The Days of Oliver Loving," my absolute favorite, I love "In These Rooms." I want to know the story behind it.

I must tell you that both of those pieces take a hold of my heart and my soul. I cannot really describe what they do to me; there aren't any words for the feeling I get. They are so beautiful they hurt. Does that make sense? I know as an artist you must get lots of feedback and questions, etc. But I just have to tell you that I have never ever, in my 66+ years of life, been so moved by two pieces of music. They transcend earthly music. It's as if you have touched the face of God and written His words in your music. Even that description doesn't do your music justice. I just finished listening to both selections with earphones. When I do that, I am in the music and it is in me. I sit with tears of pure emotion streaming down my face as I listen.

I just want you to know, in case we never meet in person, that you have given me a gift beyond compare. Thank you for composing such beautiful music. I look forward to your next CD.

Thank you and God bless.
Azzie Miller, your fan in Georgia
Azzie Miller, Georgia
Thank you for all my great memories growing up in upstate New York. My sister Debbie and I followed Duke Jupiter. We all shared some great moments, from Debbie cutting your hair, to Greg's dog Sherman. I have followed you since your move to Texas. May your next chapter of life be as amazing as the last.

Cindy San Antonio, Texas
Having discovered your music about 10 years ago in Fredericksburg, TX, the love of my life and I purchased several of your CD's. Unfortunately we are no longer are together but your music is a constant reminder of our days together in the Hill country, my most cherished days. Listening to "Jericho" now and feeling as I did then.... Thank you. Russ Lake Wortrh, FL, USA
While walking through First Monday in Canton years ago, I was drawn to the booth where Miles was selling your CD's. I purchased several. Later on I was able to go and hear you in person in Southlake on a very warm spring day where I met you and Kate. She left a lasting impression of her kindness and her sweet spirit. I was able to speak with her one other time when I called and as usual, she was a delight! My husband and I were married in Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs while your music played.... Touching our hearts. I checked on Kate just today, and learned of her passing. She was a wonderful, powerful force in all of our lives, and I will be praying for you and your family, for I know that even now, you still miss her intensely. God Bless You!
Debby The Colony, TX
I have listened to Marshall's music exclusively since I was kindly given Jericho: I suffer from anxiety. I call it my 'ahhmm' music. When I truly realized Marshall's gift concerns my son. One evening I picked him up from an obviously difficult sport's practice. His voice was raised; He was agitated and ranting: His emotions were off the chart. I plugged in Jericho. In the twenty minute drive home his whole demeanor changed. By the time we got out of the car he was easy and relaxed. At dinner I remember looking at him and thinking, wow the power of Marshall's gift is such a blessing. Now I give away Jericho to old and new friends: Marshall's music plays in intensive care units, counselling offices, many moms with kids after school just like mine so many years ago. What a gift! I am proud to call Marshall my friend and old neighbor: His music helps me save my health and keeps my anxiety in check. And I am so thankful to share him with others. Suzanne Herb USA, Texas, Austin
:lol: I am sooooo excited about the Necklace. I can't wait to buy it. The sample sounds wonderful. Thanks Judy Houston, Tx
:DVery happy to hear you have a new album created and I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection of your music... not only do I own every album, I have at least 2 of each one, as I keep one set for my office, and one set with my car.I still remember when my wife and I met Katherine years ago when we were in Fredericksburg.I understand having the love of your life, as my wife and I have now been married over 45 years and we are both still pretty healthy and enjoying life.Thanks Marshall for doing another album because the rest of us benefit from your music.I know Katherine is smiling down from Heaven. Leon Kenton
I am mesmerized by Midnight Rain from A Face In The Clouds CD. It's just the most recent track from your albums that I can't get out of my head! Reflective, hypnotic and just so good!!!!! Wish you'd come to Cleveland and have a few concert dates here. All of your albums are just so excellent.... Bill Gergely USA, Ohio, Cleveland
Just heard it again today on satellite radio (SPA). The Days Of Oliver Loving. The most beautiful music ever. Marshall, you are truely a Modern Master. Sam Tampa, FL
Just heard it again today on satellite radio (SPA). The Days Of Oliver Loving. The most beautiful music ever. Marshall, you are truely a Modern Master. Sam Tampa, FL
Please keep up the music coming, as there is none better that we have found. God Bless you and yours. Richard Leisville,Tex
I first started listening in 1988, my 88 y/o mother had your Jericho album.Been hooked ever since. I keep2 sets of albums, one for the house, another for the car. So happy you did a Christmas album. I listen to your music frequently, and it is especially calming driving in heavy rush hour traffic in San Antonio & Austin. Your music is so soothing. Just ordered 2 of your newest album.Thank you for sharingyour gift with us. Jeanette Wimberley Tx
Hello Marshall. I just ordered your box set. I met you and your wife several years ago. I came out to clean your chimney. We talked about music and you so graciously showed me your studio. I play guitar and recently purchased the Fender Roland GC-1 and the GR-55: Guitar Synthesizer.Your music inspires me to play.
I hope to come out and hear you play Friday Dec. 6th: 3:30–6:30pm
Saturday Dec. 7th: 1:00–4:00pm

Bejas Grill
209 East Main
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Keep on dreaming up that amazing music that only you can write.
Christopher H Leander, Tx
We just finished one batch of snow and ice, it cleared off earlier this week, and now we are set for more snow, more cold weather, and ugly grey skies.I sure do miss Texas.However, my one touch (outside one of my daughters still living there) is your music.I play your albums constantly, either in my car or in my house.I now own 3 complete sets and I loan one out to friends who are going to be traveling via car.They tell me it helps them relax while on the road.I'm hoping they are ordering some now that they've heard your music.My wife and I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.Keep the music coming. Leon northwest Ohio
:DWow, I got a Bose Wave 3 system for Christmas, first albums into it are 4 of Marshall's Red River Crossing in slot one, Bluefields in slot two, Mockingbird Station in slot 3, and Jericho in slot 4.I can tell you right off the bat that my other systems were not doing justice to Marshall's, talk about a whole new dimension to listening.This raises the listening experience to a whole new level and makes me appreciate Marshall's music even more. Leon northwest Ohio
BRRRR... it's cold up here.We've had lows of minus 11 (with windchill minue 46) with snow and ice.I sure do miss Texas.I've been playing Red River Crossing quite a bit recently, but I play all of Marshall's CDs at least over 3 days, then start over again.Just ordered 3 copies of The Necklace... one for my office, one for my car, and one for my wife's car.We'll be headed back towards Texas about mid Feb, but only to the north Texas area and only for a visit.I hope we can get back to Texas once we can sell our 1848 Victorian. Leon northwest Ohio
My late husband and I discovered your music in Fredericksburg in January 2005 we were on our honeymoon. Have love it ever since. I lost him to cancer in March 2011. So I know the pain and the hole in the heart. It gets easier but the hole will always be there. I still miss him everyday. May you have peace and loving memories to last you a life time. Thank you for your beautiful music that fills my heart with such joy and I hope you continue making it for years to come. Anne Kennedy Texas
I met you in Fredericksburg, TX. It was 2009 and the town was having their Octoberfest. It was Sunday and we were leaving. I was running down the sidewalk to the car that my husband had already in reverse and there you were in a little alley way...just performing live. You quickly picked out two for me (A Face in the Clouds and Red River) and my bonus was that you autographed them both. Without fail they have been played every night as me and my husband drift off to sleep. He has had a stroke and it is our therapy after a long day. We believe that you are a born again Christian because your music is heavenly and has done a miracle in our lives. The cd's are sturdy because after being played almost 1,200 times, they sound like I just got them. Thank you, Marshall, for sharing your gift, that God obviously gave you, to all of us. I thought I would share this right before I purchased my next three cd's. I pray God will continue to richly bless your life. Judith Baytown, TX
Just got The Necklace today (I got 3 copies) and I've listened to it all the way through twice.Very beautiful music, very thought provoking, and you can feel Marshall's love for Katie in every piece on this CD.Very powerful.Marshall, I'm so glad you made this CD, but then I'm glad you made all your other CDs as well, as i listen to them every day.thanks again. Leon northwest Ohio
When purchasing Marshall's CDs (Bluefields and Mockingbird Station), we (my bff was with me) dealt with his wife and knew immediately that she was a very special person. I remember her being more beautiful than her picture. My friend let me know about her passing and I was very sad. When I bought those two CDs, I bought several of each one, but the 3rd in this trilogy hadn't been released yet. One of these days, I'll finish my collection. Marshall's music is as beautiful as his wife was. Lera USA, Texas, Austin
I've met you several times, both in Canton and Fredericksburg-everytime a pleasure. Your latest CD The Necklace is as beautiful as always. I know you've heard this a couple thousand times, but everytime I listen to your music after a hard day-it puts me in another place- and I thank you for being who you are. jeff east tx
I am a Swedish, 60 years old music fan and CD-collector. A few months ago I came in contact with your music, When I first heard your music some special feeling reach me. I really love your music and the way you play piano, not like other piano players. I have listened to your music on Spotify, but I would like your CDs for two reasons. 1) I like to hold and look at CDs and their art work. And 2) for me its important that the composers get money for their work. I would like all eight CDs. I see on your web site some special box sets. What´s the price for all eight (except Silent Night) and mailing it to Sweden? I hope we can be in touch. Thomas Carls Linköping Sweden
:D Happiness is no longer living in Ohio, although our house hasn't sold yet. We are loving HSV and the beauty and the peace and quiet. Marshall, your music fits this area so well.
Leon HSV Ark
:D Finally great news.Although I won't be returning to Texas like I've always wanted, we are relocating to the Hot Springs area in Arkansas, putting us halfway between our two daughters (one in Mo, one in Tx).I discovered that Marshall's music fits this area very well, with all the hills, trees, lakes, etc.Hopefully our house here in Ohio sells soon, but we are closing on our new house in Ark in May.Getting closer to home, and Heart of the Hills now has a new meaning for me. Leon northwest Ohio
Hello Marshall, I really appreciate your music. I purchased Red River Crossing at the Wildflower Farm, in Fredericksburg, about 5 years ago. I now have all but 1 of your CD's. Red River has continued to be my favorite, especially East Of Eden, on that CD. Last weekend, we went back to the Wild Flower Farm and I purchased "The Necklace". I believe this is your best work yet, and that's saying a lot. I especially love The Necklace and Sunflower Girl(with Greg Walker). What a beautiful composition. I hope you always continue to compose and produce yourwonderful style of music. Thank you so much for what you do. Steve Palmer, Texas
Marshall is not just gifted in Music a person who can inspire others with his music but in life from experince. Im a very proud to spend sometime with him as he tought me how to be a better person a love those who around you. Mike The Woodlands, tx
I purchased three of your cd's a few years ago at Canton from your Son. I believe it was the trilogy. I was born in Lufkin, Angelina County, growing up in a fairly large family. As I listened to the piece "Angelina Woods", I thought back to a simpler time when my family and I would fish and camp on the Angelina River between Lufkin and Nacogdoches. How I miss those days when my Father and my Brothers were alive, the smell of the River early in the morning, the smell of coffee making on the banks. I idolized my older Brothers, they were my heroes. Listening to the piece brought back bittersweet memories. Thanks! David Askins Lake Fork, Texas
I hope you are enjoying holiday season. I was just remembering when I met you when I was 5 years old. I was at the Wildseed Farms listening to your music behind a pillar outside, and your wife invited me to come over and touch your keyboard. You gave me signed copies Bluefields and Mockingbird Station (which I still have). I remember being in awe, and I asked my parents for piano lessons. I have been playing for the last 14 years. Thank you for your music and inspiration. Sneha Ayyaga Texas
My husband and I met you last year at the American Montessori Society conference.Javier, my husband was drawn to your music as if it was a siren's song; it continues to be the favorite music of his life.He tells me your music radiates joy through out his soul and is teary-eyed with happiness upon the mention of your name. We have purchased all of your Cd's, and you were kind enough to autograph them, but I am wishing to do something else for him with regards to your music.Will you be performing anywhere in the new year? We live in Milwaukee, but I am anticipating being at a conference in Dallas in July.Please let me know of any opportunity I might have to give my husband the gift of your music.And thank you for making music from the Heavens! Michelle Burr Milwaukee
Marshall, I have enjoyed your music since 2003 and play it whenever I need a lift, to feel happy, need peace or want some of the best music I have ever heard. Your Christmas album is the best! The quality is Outstanding! Can't wait to get some of the other CD's. I have three!

Best wishes to you as we enter this wonderful Christmas Season! ~Nancy Burridge, Soprano
Nancy Burridg USA, FL, Tampa
:D Happiness is a beautiful Fall day and listening to the Jericho CD.I'm sitting on my lower deck and looking at all the fall colors as well as the hills off in the distance.I can see the tower in downtown Hot Springs (about 15 miles away) looking southwest and Lake Balboa about a mile away to the southeast.Marshall's music goes very well with the pine trees, the hardwood trees, the hills, the lakes, and the serenity of this area. Leon HSV Ark
I cannot say how much I love your music. I was introduced to a CD called "Seven Falls." I do believe it is still my favorite. I have bought all your CDs and I am patiently waiting for your newest. I play 5 discs at a time on my player, a good 4-5 hours of this fantastic memorizing music of yours. My husband and I are into our later years of life and do enjoy your music. I have never found anyone even close to your playing.

Thank you for your talent in playing and I will wait for the new one. (I hope soon)

Sheila DaValt
Sheila DaValt USA

Do you make sheet music available for your albums?There is no one else that comes close to you in terms of the pure emotion in your music, and the emotions that it brings to the surface for the listener.It would be an honor to be able to play the piano with Marshall Styler sheet music. Especially Eyes Like Lullabies….I can’t purchase any more of your albums since I have them all!!!

Bill Gergely
Bill Gergely USA
I noticed today that I do not have your latest CD so I am ordering it to keep my collection complete.However, while reading your website, I learned of your wife's passing.I truly am sorry to hear this and realize no amount of words can bring comfort to your heart.Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers as I know she was your biggest inspiration and the love of your life.Thank you for providing us with such a sense of peace through your music.God bless you. Pat Houston, TX
Marshall- I have met you several times -at the shop inFredericksburg and most recently at the winery in December where we sat across from you, and I got to witness a live performance by you, that was fantastic.My brother and sister-in-law had not heard your music up to that point, and they were with us that afternoon, and absolutely loved everything you played. They also bought several CD's.I treasure every CD you have made, and listen to your music literally everyday. I know you have been told time and time again how beautiful your music is, but having a musical background of my own, I feel I have a special appreciation of your talent and vision .Looking forward to whatever you bring us in the future---please keep doing what you are doing, as you inspire me and I'm sure many ,many more . Till next time--thank you so much. Jeff Mt Pleasant Tx
Hey, Marshall, it is Laura Kaye Stoker - meet you so long ago, 14 yrs? so glad about your tribute CD to Kate...Healing takes time, I know, too. But, how special, how blessed... and it IS in your music, and SHE, always, in you...hope to catch you in Fredbird - love, and prayers, and more Divine Music to come...

Lkaye -
Lkaye Stoker San Marcos, TX USA
Naomi and I want to extend our appreciation to you for the visit last Saturday night at Woerner's. We enjoyed meeting and talking with you. One of the first things that we did when we got home on Sunday afternoon was to put your latest CD in the player. We listened to it as we unpacked and put away our things. We weren't disappointed with it.We've always considered your music to be "comfort" music, but after our visit with you, we'll never listen to it the same again.

It's obvious that the loss that you suffered with Kate's passing is still causing you great pain, but it's encouraging to us that you are still performing, composing and recording. From what you told us, that's exactly what she would want you to do. Fortunately, your loss may give you the ability to help others as they face difficult times in the hospice settings. Like you said that night, it's hard to comfort others if you've never walked in their shoes. Hopefully, you'll find some comfort as you help them. People think that grief ends as time passes when it really just changes shape.

We wish you all the best and may God bless and comfort you. We are looking forward to our next meeting with you and new releases.

Karl and Naomi Hubler
Karl and Nao Texas
I love coming back to your site to read how your music brings so much comfort and peace to them.I am envious that a lot of them have met you, some have met with you several times, and my wife and I have never had the privilege.Some day we hope to get over to Texas to one of your live performances.On the other hand, we did meet Kate once in Fredericksburg (downtown) and we purchased 3 of your albums at that time.Over the past few years, I have purchased several albums to give to friends.I currently own 2 copies of your packaged CDs (one for the house and one for the cars.. depending on which we drive at the time).Your music fits anywhere, but now when we drive the hills around Hot Springs and the Village, your music has a new home for us. Leon HSV Ark
This week a dear friend lost her 19-year-old daughter. I was struck with immense sadness and a feeling of helplessness. It elicited the pain of separation from my son who lives in another state. Missing him and not being able to comfort because of geographical distance, I found myself turning to music to find peace within me. As a musician, I know how powerful music is to the soul. When I turned on Jericho from the Jericho CD I was awash in tears of sadness and longing, but I also felt the comfort that comes with the heart and mind finding a place of tranquility. I kept that song on repeat for my 20-minute drive home at the end of a long day. The pain of loss and longing has eased a bit, thanks to the healing qualities of your incredibly moving music. Thank you for sharing your gift from God. Rick Percman USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis
I am so excited that I got to finally see you in person. I have been completely mesmerized by your music for years. I truly wish that we could go to the Sunset Grill tomorrow. Keep those emails coming and hopefully I will come back soon and be ables to see you perform again.
Your talent is amazing.
Debi Borland
Debi Borland Wylie, Texas
Hi Marshall,

Unlike most others, I am just now finding you through Pandora.I had my station set for Bernward Koch...and since have found so many new artists that have been around for a long while but had never been introduced to - like yourself.Beautiful!!!
Sorry to read about the loss of your wife.My husband died in 2004... he was only 52.

Thank for the music !!!
Laura Florida

I've written on this site before, but I've got your CDs playing as I write this and just wanted to let you know that your music is the first thing I turn to whenever I need to relax and take the stress of the day away.I have a listing on my bucket list that reads, "fly to Austin to see Marshall perform live".I hope I can accomplish this someday!Your music is unparalleled and I hope you smile when you read these posts and know how much your fans like what you do.Anything new on the horizon????
Bill Gergely Cleveland, OH
Hi Marshall,

I lived in Rochester, N. Y. at the same time as you. My first 2 of 4 children were born there.We left Rochester in 1975 and in 1980 moved to Houston, where I still live.My husband passed away 3 years ago, so last Fall I drove to Wimberley to visit a dear, aging friend. We went shopping in Fredricksberg, TX, where I walked into a store and heard the most beautiful music which filled my heart to overflowing!Thank you for this beautiful gift!I'm currently trying to order the rest of your CD's that I don't already have.They go with me everywhere!
Dana Richard Houston, TX